tampons side effects

That course of the month is a thing most ladies dread and look forward to in equal measure.

Of course for those who keep pleading their periods show up, so they do not have to deal with the pressure that comes with pregnancy.

Picking the perfect sanitary towel or tampon during this time is quite the headache especially when you are surrounded by fears of poor quality and exorbitant prices.

It is nonetheless essential to note cheap is always expensive, and therefore the affordable option could be the death of you.

To a lot of women, tampons are easier to use because they stay in one position for many hours.

Nonetheless, most ladies never consider the following side effects whenever they delve into the popular products:

1. Bad smell

2. Toxic shock syndrome.

3. Opens women to risks of recurrent vaginal infections.

4. Increased uncomfortability because the tampon stays inside your body.

5. Elevated menstrual cramps.

6. Harsh chemicals found in the tampons can lead to infections or rashes.

7. Can endanger women to risks of breast cancer or endometriosis.

8. Deodorants used in tampons can cause infertility.

9. Pesticides and herbicides sprayed during the rearing of cotton, used in making the tampons can cause cancer.

10. Phthalates also named plasticisers, gives tampons a smooth finish, which can lead to multiple organ damage.


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