Life is getting more difficult by the minute, particularly if you’re not quite sure what you want to do with yourself, or you’re apparently sure, but you’re stuck in a rut.

These days, life is all about the hustle, and making a quick buck in Kenya right now is not as easy as it lseem.

There are several legit and straightforward ways you can pick up some extra money while you figure out where you fit, or begin saving towards your life’s passion. Here are some quick 10 you can start today:

Flower Arranging

If you have a fetish for all things floral, why not convert it into a money-making venture? There are lots of video tutorials and how-to guides online you can pick ideas from to get you started. Furthermore, if you need some quick cash to start, check these loan apps in Kenya. Remember to take photos of your work, share on social media, and leave your contact details for people to drop their orders.


This is one of the most comfortable businesses to start. You don’t need much capital. If you’re bankrupt, you can get a quick loan from as little as KSh 100 to 200,000, head to town and purchase some beads and accessories, then create good designs for jewellery and sell!


If you’re good at drawing, there are so many opportunities for you to make money. Fashion designers are always looking for their next top-selling design, so you could put together some sketches and pitch your portfolio. You can also be a cartoonist for a local newspaper or publication. There are many art forms as well, so if you fit into this category, get started already!

art business in Kenya


Do you have a golden voice? Not the ‘sing-in-the-shower’ voice, but one that makes people get goosebumps? Why not make business out of it? You can easily record yourself using a smartphone, upload the video or recording to social media and ask friends to share widely. If you don’t have a self-composed song, do a cover of your favourite song and share it. Alternatively, maybe you’re good at stand-up comedy. Could you share it with the world?

Sell fashionable items

Some people buy second-hand coats and jackets cheaply, then modify them to look stylish, and sell them at a higher price. If you don’t have sewing skills, you can ask a tailor to get it done and be a supplier. There’s always a ready market for unique fashion pieces. Don’t despise second-hand clothing just yet. There are endless ideas about what you can do with fashion items.


Craft doesn’t necessarily mean making huge sculptures or colossal stuff – unless you’re able to. However, there are simple crafts like gift packages, cards, origami art, which are on high demand especially by wedding planners and the couple-to-be.


This can be a lucrative way to earn online if you have the necessary Skills to begin and set up in the right way, luckily for you, we have a comprehensive guide here so be sure to check it out.

Car Wash

This is one underrated business in Kenya, given a good strategy i terms of tidiness and strategic location, you can make lots of cash from this business.

Bar business

This is also a profitable business, simply spot a good location and get a rental room, you can start with a simple bar and expand once you get the capital for expansion.

All the best!


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