20th Century building fire latest news

– Firefighters from Nairobi County fire department arrived at the scene on time and contained the fire

– No casualties were reported immediately

– The cause of the huge fire was yet to be established

Tension gripped inhabitants of 20th Century building on Mama Ngina Street following a considerable inferno that broke out on Monday, March 25, in the afternoon.

Exposeke.com learnt the fire which started at about 1 pm, affected some of the upper floors of the building.

Firefighters arrived at the scene in split seconds and contained the fire whose cause was yet to be established.

Sources at the scene and intimate to Exposeke.com revealed police asked citizens to avoid the building even as firefighters from Nairobi County Fire department tried to put off the inferno.

No casualties were immediately reported following the incident.

According to reports from the 20th Century building, all occupants were evacuated safely.

It should be noted the building is home to some popular businesses such as IMAX cinema theatre which sits on the first floor, the Dancing Spoon restaurant, Flush Drycleaners among others.


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