Abduba Dida

– The former presidential candidate said it was disturbing to see ODM ‘join’ government

– Dida wondered how the likes of Hassan Joho ended up sailing in same boat with Jubilee

– ODM stopped attacking the Jubilee government following the Raila-Uhuru peace pact

– The two leaders agreed to put their political differences aside and work together

Leader of the Alliance for Real Change (ARC) party, Abduba Dida, has scoffed at Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leaders for agreeing to work with the Jubilee government.

In a Twitter post seen by exposeke.com on April 1, 2018, Dida appeared to wonder what had become of Kenyan’s biggest and most active opposition party after its leaders changed tunes from criticising the government to supporting it.

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Abduba Dida attacks ODM leaders

Leader of the Alliance for Real Change (ARC) party, Abduba Dida, on March 31 took a swipe t Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leaders following Raila-Uhuru peace pact. Photo:TUKO.

To recap, the former presidential candidate cited Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho’s Swahili quote which he often used to describe the top Jubilee party leaders during political rallies.

“Hon Joho Hassan Ali used to say, ‘Dereva mlevi, makanga ni mwizi (the driver is a drunkard and the conductor a thief’. The most disturbing thing is that the active opposition (ODM) and the authors of the above proverb are now in the same matatu (min-bus).

Dida called on Kenyans to abandon the ODM-Jubilee vehicle, which according to him is now being driven by ‘drunkards’, and take another bus to save their lives.

“I encourage people to use the ARK bus instead. We can still save some lives,” he said.

The peace agreement that was signed between Uhuru and Raila on March 9, 2018, at Harambee House, Nairobi, has been a subject of intense debate over the past weeks days.

The Harambee House pact has been praised and criticised almost in equal measure, with some questioning how it will benefit Kenyans who lost loved ones during the 2017 general elections.

Others like Dida wonder who will keep the government on check now that the most active opposition leader is working with the ruling party.


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