The Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI) is a state organization set up in 1986, under the science and innovation demonstration of laws of Kenya. KEFRI embraces examine in woodlands and unified characteristic assets. The establishment direct innovative work exercises under five topical territories in particular:

Woods/forest efficiency and change in Kenya

Biodiversity and natural administration

Woods/forest items advancement

Social financial matters, approach administration and specialized help

Venture administrations

Aside from the above, KEFRI likewise has a generation unit know as Kenya Forestry Seed Center (KFSC) that spends significant time underway of amazing tree seeds, both indigenous and outlandish species. So on the off chance that one need quality tree seed KFSC is the appropriate response. Seeds are gathered from unrivaled tree seed sources and are tried for immaculateness and approved in the condition of craftsmanship research centers by qualified technologists in the establishment following worldwide seed testing standard. Seeds are generally conveyed in the accompanying principle Centre’s.

KEFRI branches in Kenya

Mainoffice Muguga

Londiani: Tel +254-5264028

Karura: Tel+254-20-2011628

Gede: Tel+254-20-2386358

Maseno Tel+254-739-684019

KEFRI stand tall in Kenya when it comes in the matter of woodland protection, they are the voice of the timberland in Kenya and frequently have classes in various piece of Kenya supporting the significance of backwoods preservation past different things.

KEFRI central command is situated in Muguga 23km north-west of Nairobi, off Nairobi-Nakuru interstate. One can call +254724259781/2 or visit their website page for more data.

KEFRI Jobs and contracts

KEFRI offers various contracts in their numerous departments,for Job offers please call using their contacts above and they will be glad to listen.


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