Cebbie Coks Nyasego

Akothee’s little acknowledged younger sister, Cebbie Coks Nyasego, has come out to support the songstress barely days after Kenyans jumped on her over her dressing and behaviour while on stage.

As reported by earlier, a cross-section of Kenyans condemned the vocalist and bashed her strongly after some photos of her spreading her legs and moving weird while on stage during her recent performance emerged online.

Many people criticised her for not acting like an adult, a mother and role model she is.

Well, in a range of responses from Akothee, the songstress dismissed all her haters and urged everyone to stop making her their role model.

In many social media posts seen by, the singer strongly claimed she does not care about what Kenyans think of her because they do put food on her table.

The songstress received back up from her younger sister who vigorously defended her against the critics, holding she remained the best role model in their family.

Coks, in an Instagram post seen by, lauded her sister for being a good mother to her five kids and a role model to countless female relatives who have been looking up to her.

”To factor my opinion in, Akothee is a mother of five. Yes, five beautiful kids who are growing and turning out as intelligent, respectful and disciplined with Akothee being their primary role model and environ.
“You’ll never find them disrespecting people clumsily as you all do. Trolling people and so on. Ready to attack others and throw derogatory words at others without a second thought of how strong words are and can hurt,” she said.

Coks declared some of their female families would have turned out bad if Akothee was a bad or wrong role model.

”She’s a sister and a sibling to others. Twenty in number, she’s the first born daughter therefore so many looks up to her. Despite all that, they have turned out to be well educated. Very very respectful and well mannered.
“You only know part of her family members, and not all, surely your opinions are biased. Akothee is and remains their role model. She’s an aunt to many who have turned out to be great leaders, employers and employees. She has 54 nieces and nephews in total. I’m sure you have an Akothee relative somewhere, and you relate with them very well,” she continued.
According to Coks, Akothee’s entire family see her as a strong lady who is working hard to keep her family united contrary to what the outside world views her.


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