Annitah Raey

Popular Radio Jambo presenter Annitah Raey has brought worry among her fans after missing her morning show for three days in a row.

Several of fans for a better part of Wednesday, May 30 took to social media to inquire about the whereabouts of the lovely-voiced presenter, who had temporarily been replaced by her colleague Eudias Kigai. can firmly confirm that Annitah was taken ill on Monday, May 28 and has been undergoing several tests.

As a result, she was not able to take part in her own show.

She spoke to the radio station where she explained her plight, urging fans to pray for her as she embarked on the road to recovery.

“To my fans please pray for me and don’t worry, I am recovering slowly as I await the doctor’s word after conducting various tests on me.”

“If all goes well I might get discharged today (Wednesday) then it means I’ll have to rest for a few days before I resume work. So the earliest they (my fans) can expect me back on Radio is next week.. But I’ll be back!.” She explained as quoted by Radio Jambo.

The radio presenter is one of the most admired figures , particularly by audiences away from the capital Nairobi.

On her journey to becoming a radio presenter, Annitah has seen a number of tramatising experiences including being married to an abusive husband at the tender age of 17.