Kisumu county government

– An audit report in Kisumu strongly pointed to a possibility that a single cow was bought for KS 3.7 million

– The funds were meant to purchase up to 27 cows for dairy purposes

– However, following an audit, it was discovered that only one cow could be accounted for

The Kisumu county government is on the spot after it emerged there might have possibly been an outrageous expenditure of KS 3.7 million on a single cow.

Auditor General Edward Ouko who was wary of the KS 3.7 million allocated for the purchase of dairy cows in the financial year 2017/2018.

The money, understands, was meant to purchase 27 high-quality dairy Ayrshire cows.

Ouko, however, noted only one cow was presented for audit, begging the question: where are the rest of the cows if they were purchased at all?

A delivery note from May 2017 showed the cows were allegedly purchased and delivered although there were loopholes in the document including the absence of the registration plate of the said truck.

It was also stated in a report that the list the beneficiaries of the cows failed to register evidence that farmers actually received the livestock.

Thus, it remains unknown where the rest of the cows were taken, if they were purchased at all.

The mysterious disappearance of county funds is not very strange in the country as there have been other county governments which have been on the spot for similar reasons.

In Bungoma, several suspects were arrested and jailed after inflating the prices of wheelbarrows to a staggering KS 110,000.

Meru County was also hit by an awkward scandal on Thursday, March 28 after Auditor-General Edward Ouko revealed the county government paid KS 4.3 million for an earthworms project without a needs assessment.

Elsewhere in Baringo county, a report by the County Assembly’s Public Accounts and Investment Committee (PAIC) showed the government spent KS 20,000 to purchase a wooden meat chopping board.


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