Diana Marua and Bahati

Gospel musician Bahati and his wife have been on the drawing side ever since they fell out with longtime friend Mr Seed.

The Nyota hitmaker has nevertheless found a new way to make light of the constant attacks by Kenyans on his older wife.

In an Instagram video seen by Exposeke.com on Sunday, February 10, the musician was spotted referring to his lady as ‘shosh’ which roughly translates to grandmother.

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Lol sasa Bahati ameanza kuita bibi yake shosh?

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For the running time, Bahati’s wife Diana Marua’s comment section has been flowing with jabs at her age with most of her critics pointing to her as the singer’s grandmother.

At one point, the mother of one maintained she was only two years older than her husband, but for some reason, Kenyans do not buy that.

Ever since Bahati’s fans caught wind of Mr Seed’s allegations, they have been on the couple’s necks asking for an apology.

In case you forgot, Mr Seed and his wife Nimo Gachuiri accused Bahati of calling the cops on a pregnant Nimo back in 2018.

Naturally, Diana was the brains behind the alleged arrest, and that did not sit well with netizens.

Now, the one thing that remains constant is the new grandmother moniker that both Bahati and his wife seem to be embracing.

The performer even felt comfortable enough to relate to the mother of his child as his grandmother.

Their critics suggest the name disturbs them so much that they now pretend to have embraced it in a bid to mask their pain.

Lol! Seriously though, is it right for Bahati to refer to his wife as a grandmother? Haha, wonders shall never cease.


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