BBC Africa Broadcast Journalist – Digital – Jobs in Nairobi – Kenya
Job purpose

Be Responsible for an operation of output, including editorial control, reporting, selection and
gathering of material, leading teams, production, and planning and implementing effective
use of resources.

Key Duties and Account-abilities

• Responsible for starting and producing stories which may include scripting,
editing, outputting, filming and presenting content across a range of BBC output.

• Commission and select appropriate materials ensuring they meet expectations of our
audiences and adhere to the BBC’s editorial guidelines.

• As required, to designate work to a team and check progress; ensure the professional
contribution of staff and the quality of output.

• Seek ways to improve diversity in our workforce and to make sure that our output
designates the audiences we serve.

• Deliver journalism of the highest standard possible and within the required time frame using available resources.

• To act as a major facilitator of change, clearly teaching and sharing best practices are shared between teams.

• Delivering to tight deadlines while securing the highest editorial standards.

• At all times to carry out responsibilities following the BBC Health and Safety policy.

Training, Knowledge, Skills, and Experience

• A thorough understanding of production techniques used in BBC News and the ability to adjust to new media.

• A high standard of editorial judgment, excellent writing ability and production skills based on actual journalistic experience.

• Exploits opportunities given by existing and emerging technologies to their fullest

• Ability to work efficiently as a member of more than one team. Resolving conflicts
as necessary.

• Ability to manage resources, staff, technical facilities, and budgets, to make
challenging broadcasting in the most cost-effective manner.

• Demonstrates a commitment to improving diversity in the BBC coorporation and understands how individual differences can benefit the BBC.

Job Description

• Prioritizes and plans activities taking into account all the relevant issues and factors
such as deadlines, staffing, and resources.

• Ability to write creatively in an engaging manner, adapt, produce and translate with
accuracy, clarity, and style appropriate to differing audiences and forms of media
suitable for multimedia output.

• The flexibility and adaptability to sustain performance, particularly under pressure to
meet deadlines and changing priorities and circumstances.

• An understanding of Health & Safety procedures and how it applies to broadcast.

Job impact

Decision making
• A significant level of responsibility.

• Exercises autonomy but seeks guidance where necessary.

• No formal management responsibility but may informally manage more junior staff.


• A senior journalist that covers a wide range of journalism exercise, with significant experience
moreover, responsibility for programme/content creation.

Other Information
Definition: Content
• This job description is a written statement of the essential characteristics of the job, with its principal account-abilities, incorporating a note of the knowledge, skills, and experience required for a satisfactory level of performance.

• This is not intended to be a complete, detailed account of all aspects of the duties involved.

How to Apply

• Interested and qualified candidates should apply online by 1st June 2019

• For more information and job request details, see; BBC Africa Broadcast Journalist – Digital – Jobs in Nairobi – Kenya.


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