Best gifts that you can give to bae that will make them happy
Best gifts that you can give to bae that will make them happy

Gifting your bae doesn’t have to be so complex, make it simple and meaningful.

Several people, when it gets to buying gifts, whether it’s a birthday or an anniversary gift will stick to cliché gifts. After all, while buying gifts for a woman, various men have been conditioned to think that you can never go wrong with wine, flowers, chocolate or perfume. Sure, those gifts are fine but it really makes a contrast when you gift your lover something romantic – something that drives them back to a certain time of comfort and happiness. Sentimental presents, more often than not, don’t ought to be expensive but, they are meaningful. Next time, before you buy your bae those flowers, recall about these sentimental gifts for the hopeless romantics.

1. Something engraved.

Think about something for instance a promise ring or a bracelet for example that has a portion of writing that the two of you can link to, like a love quote you both love or still a mantra that you both live by. Heck, it could alike be a silly joke or the initials of the two of you. An inscribed bracelet that he/she can wear every day will remind her/him of you and is particularly perfect for couples in LDRs.

2. His and Hers t-shirts.

I get that wearing matching clothes can be a tad extremely cheesy for some couples. However, if you and bae are about that life, don’t allow the naysayers stop you. Publish out matchy-matchy t-shirts and get that photo shoot like the cliché internet pairs, who cares!

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3. A photo collage.

A bulk of girls love photos and to take photos. You may choose to gift your girlfriend with a cute framed photo collage of all your adorable moments together. Print out all these cute pics on your phone of the two of you, have them converted into a cute collage and gift her that. Pictures spark so considerable nostalgia and take you back the memory lane and what high-grade way to see how far you and bae have developed and all the memories you have made on the way than with a collage?

Photo collage 

4. Edit a video featuring some of the highlights in your relationship and gift your bae.

Presently, you don’t even need the services of a videographer to edit a video with all the cool apps out there. If you have iMovie for example, it’s super easy to style videos and even add words and pictures in within. I especially love seeing old videos particularly those I didn’t even know existed in the first place. Quite like the collage, this is likewise a very nostalgic gift. Simple, but cute and will clearly get a massive “Aww!” as the absolute reaction.

5. A love letter.

If you are like me, then you’re a cat’s-paw for someone expressing his/her feelings with handwritten letters. I guess we need to bring back letter writing. When your bae is the kind that would not enjoy you jotting down all those adorable things to make them laugh and maybe even get teary, then you merit better. If you’re not great at letter writing, you could think of getting up with an ‘I love you’ jar. A pitcher with say ’30 reasons why I do love you’. Cut out 30 articles for instance, printing a reason on each, fold them and put them in a jar, attach a ribbon and give your bae. You can also put conditions like reading one each morning for one month like the birthday month…just be creative!

6. A wallet photo.

Go take a boudoir sexy shoot and gift your bae an enclosed sexy photo of you or a folder photo – something that they can gaze at whenever they miss you and think to themselves ‘Damn! Whence did I get so lucky?’


7. A trip back to wherever it all started or somewhere you have both ever wanted to go.

You can nevermore ever go wrong with a romantic trip. Take that from me.


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