Best hairstyles to try out in 2019 that will make you rock
Best hairstyles to try out in 2019 that will make you rock

If you’re looking to step into the year with a new look, you should probably consider changing up your hair.

It’s difficult to break free from a trademark style that you’re used. But a Notable change is sometimes necessary, not just to renew your look, but also heighten your self-esteem. A dramatic development, such as cutting the hair is used to symbolize a big adjustment in one’s life, mostly the opening of a new chapter. The high-grade way to start a new year is when you’re full of spirit and feeling reborn and completely great about yourself. We totally think that you should step into 2019 with a new do boo. Never attempted to have braids? Get braided. Considering the big chop? Go ahead and be a bald baddie…Highlighted are hairstyles to inspire your new year new you look:

1. Go short or go home.

Rules are created to be broken right? Chop off your hair and start life on a cleaned slate. You could go for a super short cut or if that doesn’t delight your fancy, try out a tapered cut. What’s so scary regarding cutting your hair? It will grow over and if you don’t like it, wigs to the rescue…how difficult can it be? Plus, think about all the cash you will save by saying bye to salon arrangements. Pro tip: Get a hairstylist to advise you on what haircut will satisfy the shape of your head.

Short hairstyles for black girls (Pinterest)

2. Braid gang.

Remember how adorable Vera Sidika looked when she wore braids for the initial time after years of wigs and wigs? It was delightful to see her sporting an entirely different look than we are used to. If you have never worked out a braid style, why not try out one of the several styles out there? You could go for goddess locs, cornrows, box braids, faux locs, name it.

Vera Sidika rocking braids (Instagram queenveebosset)

3. Bulky crochet hair.

A complete new you! Think of something distinct, like this curly fringe crochet hairstyle. The beauty of crochet hair is that there is something for everyone. Whether you want super large natural-looking hair or something wavy or kinky, you will find a style that satisfies your taste.

Fringe crochet hairstyle (Instagram kiitana)

4. A pixie cut.

An exciting way to switch up your look without really cutting your hair because? Weaves! If you are too afraid to trim your hair, start with a pixie cut finished with a synthetic or human hair and see how you would appear like in a short but chic cut.

Pixie cut hairstyle (Want it all)

5. A dash of colour in a coloured wig.

We all understand that it’s kinda scary to colour your own hair. But if you’re contemplating for a change without breaking your neck, hair-wise, consider about getting a coloured wig. A bob wig with blonde highlights for example or even a full blonde or burgundy wig will leave you looking banging! The exciting thing about wigs is that they are an investment and you will have them for an extended time if they are good quality and, once you get tired of the look all you have to do is remove it and try out something different. Easy peasy.

Blonde wig (Instagram fashionablestepmum)


6. A slicked-back ponytail.

You have not been applying your Micellar water and hydrating and moisturizing all year long to hide your soft face! Relax your hair or if you’re a die-hard naturalista, bind your hair into a slicked-back ponytail, achieved using a faux extension, for a classy and luxurious look. Ponytails help reveal your facial features and show the world how beautiful you are.

We hope you have the best of fashion in 2019 🙂


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