Best job websites and apps in Kenya

There are thousands of job site on the internet. Some are really legit, and others are merely but a waste of time. To filter through the mess, I have gathered a small list of legit websites to get jobs in Kenya.

List of top best jobs websites in Kenya.

Here is the list of legitimate websites to find jobs.

  • aka Google search engine
  • Facebook groups and pages
  • section

As you already know, most of us have to seek money for a living, unlike the government which collects it. Searching for a job in Kenya normally ends up being a job itself. Particularly if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

The above-listed sites are written in no particular order. Let’s take a glance at each.

This is the ultimate job hunt website. Google search engine will outlines and index for you the top sites according to the keyword provided.

To use this site efficiently, you must first familiarise yourself with Google keywords. A keyword is essentially the most sought term on the internet. It is used to get more precise results, therefore, saving you time to surf the web.

Linkedin is an employment-oriented website. Its primary focus is for professional networking which involves companies posting jobs and possible job seekers posting their CVs.

It is similarly used by people looking to further their careers or waiting for a particular opening. You can use this job website to your advantage by merely looking at startups companies seeking to recruit current staff.

Actually, Linkedin has a job search segment that enables you to search for jobs within an addressed location. The best part about LinkedIn job section is that your profile is your ultimate CV. So, when you’re utilising LinkedIn to find jobs concentrate more on building your profile to make it impressive.

Linkedin job search is based on your interest and career profile.

Facebook groups and pages.

Facebook is a fabulous site for social and expert networking. I know of a few Facebook groups which tutor and mentor people are looking for openings in online jobs in Kenya.

Numerous Facebook pages are implying to connect employers with employees, but most of them are usually a scam. Nevertheless, you can use Facebook to your support to look for blue collar jobs such as house help jobs, barber, laundry, etc. etc.Best job websites and apps in Kenya

Some Employers likewise prefer posting jobs such as product activation and promotion on Facebook. However, this normally requires you to spend infinite of hours on facebook filtering comments.

Websites to Find Jobs: Brighter Monday

Brighter Monday is really the most committed and reliable website to find jobs in Kenya. This site is more accessible to navigate on as you can search for a job based on your profession, Industry, and even location.

Brighter Monday needs you to create an account and then upload your CV to march you with the right employer.

This site is a jerk of all trades; most of their job postings are normally from other websites. I only use it only for the links which lead to legit sites.

Fuzu and Summit recruitment

This two sites came into our classifications for one reason? They post jobs too! These sites are ordinarily professional HR firms. They outsource labour for their customers. They hire, recruit, train, and fire individuals on behalf of the organisation which they represent.

You may have seen companies like Naivas don’t employ their own staff; rather, they outsource from such firms. Our list is 4unlimited if you feel we have left out a website, graciously let us know any time, and we’ll update it on our post.


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