Best tribes to marry in Kenya

Intermarriages between different tribes in Kenya has been there since the beginning of the nation but in a lower scale as compared to the current times. Long Before the wake of modernity, most customary marriages were previously conducted along the tribal lines. Now in the recent past, marriage trends show that young people are now breaking these conservative barriers by exercising intermarriage.

On the upside, It is phenomenal how successful most of these tribal hybrid marriages are becoming. Many of these intermarriages have faced a tough backlash and resentment from elderly community members who consider them rebellious.

Best Tribe to Marry in Kenya

Some young people are now cautious on the most right tribe from which they should choose a life partner leave alone just dating. In the former is due to marriage stereotypes and life experiences associated with particular ethnic groups and gender specifically. Even with that, tribal, some of these stereotypes have turned true for many case study couple who have either succeeded or failed to make life companions.

The media and well-known people highly cherish intermarriage as one way of promoting unity and peace in Kenya. It is however not the case for all ethnic groups because of the underlying diversity that serves as a driving factor for specific cultures. With that, it is therefore rational to assume that only cultures that have similarities in their cultures can happily intermarry. Wider the gap between tribal practices the more likely the marriage is to crumble.

Tribes that Make Good Intermarriages

Well, a lot of Kenyans admit to intermarriage as the most proper was of integrating the 42 ethnic groups. A lot of famous people have already embraced intermarriage with the latest best example being Orengo’s daughter who tied the knot with a Kamba man. Though, most Kenyans still think that some ethnic groups are more compatible compared to others. They include;

Luos and Luhyas are the best examples of ethnic groups whose marriages mostly end up successful. The two ethnic groups have for long enjoyed a noble relationship as neighbours and often refer to each other as mashemeji.

Best Tribe

Apart from being hardworking, there are several facts about Luhya ladies that makes them ideal wives. One good example of a successful marriage between the two ethnic groups is that of Kenya’s former Prime Minister Raila Amollo Odinga and Ida Odinga.

Also, the cherished matrimonial combination is that of Kamba and Kisii communities. Even With a sizeable geographical divide, Kisii community regularly intermarries with the Kamba community a good example being that of, well we know the story of Dennis Okari and Betty Kyalo. Looking at Luo and Kikuyu communities, it is most proper when a Luo man marries a Kikuyu woman and not otherwise.

The Best Tribe to Marry In Kenya

As per the statistics, the best tribe to marry in Kenya highly depends on one’s tribe and upbringing. Example, youths raised in towns are less accustomed with tribal practices what makes them more adaptable to other ethnic groups. Notably, anybody can marry from any tribe only if they land on a dream partner and develop mutual understanding on building up the relationship.

Many Different ethnic groups are now alienated by specific practices and characters which attract or repel prospective partners. Example, dating a Kalenjin man is a lifetime commitment regardless of the hurdles.

The Kalenjin community highly discourages divorce even in the worst of events. The Kalenjin community men are too demanding s3xually regardless of time and consent of their wives. On the other hand, Kalenjin men are overly responsible and can do anything possible to see their children and family succeed.

Kalenjin Ladies

Likewise, many serious men confess the stunning nature of Kalenjin ladies in bed. With other fundamental reasons, Kalenjin ladies have a tremendous longer feminine shelf live. Another case, the thought of Kamba ladies for marriage has long been embattled.

Based on other personal reasons, many Kenyan men do not perceive them suitable for long-term relationships because they are dynamic minded.

Note that, however, it is important to realise that Kamba women are submissive and loving in nature if you treat them right. Most stereotypes infringed against them are not necessarily true as indicated in a report released by Infotrack, on the rate of “Mpango wa Kando” tendency revealed along tribal lines.

Best Tribe to Marry

Kikuyu Women

The Dating, a Kamba man, is however hard for most women simply because they are not aggressive and are overruling. Equally,it is important to state that Kamba men score well in bed.

The Kikuyu women are among the most talked about the group that attracts a lot of controversies. Hmm, Marrying a Kikuyu woman is very much right, considering their appreciable academic exposure and hardworking traits. Apart from their universal beauty, Kikuyu women are loving and intelligent. Another thing is also real that they are outgoing, what makes them a compatible fit for our brothers from Luo Nyanza.

Kipsigis and Nandis

The Kipsigis marriage and Nandi marriage both share some similarities in their traditions and customs. Partners from the two ethnic groups form a great match and almost always end in a successful marriage.

To summarise, there is no best tribe to marry from in Kenya; it is a matter of personal preference and compatibility. Kenyan ethnic groups are all richly endowed with unique traits that cannot be substituted.


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