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Have you been searching for a creative and innovative business idea in Kenya? It can’t be easy to recognize a business idea that is not already crowded and squeezed. Fortunately, we have some great untapped business ideas that will surely be of benefit to you. Here are some very innovative new business ideas in Kenya you can start with either a very small or huge capital. A decent and right business idea will get you where you desire to go. We believe that our comprehensive, innovative business idea article will help to improve your knowledge about the best business ideas in Kenya.

Before beginning a new business in Kenya, you need to do a comprehensive analysis of some legal requirements and market workability. The entrepreneurship division of Kenya is an emerging market. It contributes around 75% of the GDP. Here are some of the latest business ideas in Kenya today.

Small business ideas in Kenya

Small business ideas require low capital. Before investing a considerable amount in a new business, it is useful to invest a small amount of cash. The goal should be to expand it into something huge. Low capital business plans in Kenya are trending currently. Here are the kinds of Business ideas in Kenya with small capital.

1. Small bakery

An example of an excellent business idea is opening a bakery. To get your business up and going, you would require excellent marketing skills. Use your little savings to start it at a small scale and then reinvest to make it large. You will need raw materials (such as sugar, eggs, flour, ), baking equipment (mixing equipment, pans, ovens, cake decorating types of equipment and measuring equipment), raw materials (flour, eggs, sugar), business permits, consistent recipes, and licenses. You may read how to register a business here.

For business registration and licenses, consult a competent attorney. One essential requirement is an enthusiasm for baking and great marketing skills go without saying. This concept is not very new but with creative and new baking techniques, you can definitely grasp a great portion of the target market.

2. Fruit vending machine

Nowadays, everyone is working towards a healthy way of living. Across the entire world, fruits are a healthy option. If you invest in a little fruit shop, you will never go wrong. This needs a knife, labor and blender and fruits. Endurance is the key here.

Find a good business location and buy fruits from the cheapest outlets. Arrange a vending machine, where customers can purchase their favorite fruits by entering coins and select the options accessible without any hassle. This is one of the high-grade business ideas in Kenya to start-off with.fruit vending business in kenya

3. Mushroom farming

For high incomes turn to this. It is one of the best and booming business ideas in Kenya. It is the simplest and cheapest to commence. For those who know how to sell their merchandise, the market is readily available. You will need mushroom farming knowledge, substrate, some room and spawn. For newcomers, shiitake and oyster mushroom varieties are recommended. Competition is pretty low in this business.

4. Making beaded handbags and sandals

One kilogram beads cost Ks 370 in Nairobi. For a handbag and sandals, one kilogram of beads is abundant. Selling cost of those slippers and handbag will differ from Ks 3500 to Ks4000. Training cost and costs of other accessories such as needles and strand/strings can be about Ks3000 and Ks 600 respectively. This is one of the uncommon business ideas in Kenya which you can definitely opt for in the near future, well, today.

5. Professional cleaning service business in Kenya

Professional cleaning and grooming service is booming in Kenya. It is one of the most lucrative business ideas in Kenya. The minimum resources of this type of business are about Ksh 150,000. Cleaning and organizing homes and offices will be the main purpose of the business.

Cleaning tools and various types of innovative cleaning methods are required in this kind of business. In Nairobi, Kahawa Estates, Ruai in Kang’ undo road and states around Jomo Kenyatta international airport are good destination areas for this cleaning service market.

best business ideas in Kenya

7. Brick making business

The real estate sector in Kenya is booming. As a result of this, the people of Kenya are looking around for cheaper homes. Brick production business is one of the profitable business concepts in Kenya. Brick is an affordable option rather than stone.

Spades, labor(you can use a compressor), sub oil and brick making machine are the essential equipment for this business. The total amount of capital and the estimated budget of this business is around Ks 100,000.

8. Event planning and party planning

Religious events, weddings, birthday parties, and other events are taking place in Kenya every day, every hour, week, year or month. Holding parties and as well as the preparation for the parties is very stressful. The price of the event planning business all depends on the size of the party. The business event administration will require very low capital.

The primary expenses of this business can be split into separate groups, such as registration expenses of the business, initial marketing cost, other types of equipment, a computer or laptop and a cheap printer. Capital expenditure can be approximately Ks 60,000. Cost of a computer should be about Ks 30,000. Printer cost can be about Ks 5000. Registration expenses of the business can be approximately Ks 10,000. Marketing costs in the initial step should fall within Ks 10,000 and office stocks of the business may be around Ks 4,000.

9. Wallpaper selling

Selling wallpaper is one of the most viable business ideas in Kenya today. Majority of the people in Kenya live in homes with dull paint. Their landlords basically arrange painting. Many people will be delighted if they get better inside looking. As a businessman, you will be bartering with handy, cool wall papers.

best business ideas in Kenya

You can get this types of wallpapers from the neighborhood wholesalers or receive them by importing from other countries. Price of ten meters wall paper roll can be about ks600. Including additional costs, the total expense of the business might be around Ks 1800 to Ks2000. After getting the material, you can trade that wallpaper roll for 3600Ks including installation cost for Ks 1500. It can generate a double profit and more income.

10. SEO or link building business

In Kenya, Internet-related businesses are currently booming. Every single day hundreds of websites are built. You can develop an online community, or web page designing and SEO or link building services. The initial capital investment of this business will be shorter than Ks 35,000 approximately. This industry is one of the top business ideas in Kenya. If you need a website like this set up for you, simply contact us.

11. Recycled product business

People in Kenya really believe in art, and they do not want to misuse the product. Keeping this in mind, a businessperson may start a new innovative business idea. Startup value and the initial cost for this business is so low. To produce roofing tiles from waste plastics is an innovative idea. Small parts of waste cans, old plastic buckets will assist in making the roofing tiles. The initial capital investment for this business would be about Ks 50,000 to Ks 60, business ideas in Kenya

12. Farming Chia seeds

The Kenyan market is a fast-growing market sphere. Nakuru, Western Kenya and Uasin Gishu are amongst the best areas for growing the crop called chia. These areas are warm with well-drained soil retention. The cost of one-kilo chia seeds is around Ks 2000, farming cost of Chia seeds can be Ks 6000. The initial total capital investment of chia seeds is about Ks 10,000. After 3 months of processing, just2 kilograms of chia seeds will give a yield of around 75 kilograms. The process can quickly raise an estimated revenue of Ks 150,000.


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