Best ways to spend your money in christmas holidays if you are broke

Usually, when the holidays approach, people lead to developing some curtain that covers their thought of judgement forcing them to dip inside their savings and spend like there’s no tomorrow.

First, the initial derailment is the wage that comes in way too early, probably before December 20.

Then come the multiple offers and sales which leave you thinking, ‘maybe I can afford just two of these. It is a sale after all.’

Your rather young thing is also continually calling and texting telling you how she needs those brand-new Michael Kors shoes for her office Christmas party.

So what do you do? You spend without looking at how your bank account is being drained.

Your nephew wanted a new, and it does not hurt to be the cool, fun uncle. Wrong! It spoils your bank account.

We all get this spending itch during the holidays, so came up with the most straightforward guide to spending without hurting your bank account, enjoy:

1. Stay off from slaying queens! These girls will suck you dry, yes, even much than a mosquito.

2. Take your family to an affordable vacation destination.

3. Break up with your side chick if you have some.

4. Set aside some money that will sustain you after the holiday hype is over.

5. Set a budget and stick to it. This does not suggest that you cannot enjoy a banger celebration.

6. Shun from visiting drinking dens.

7. Open a holiday spending account.

8. Set aside an extra amount that will cater for any additional purchases.

9. Be creative; you can decide to host the holiday celebrations at your house and cook instead of hiring a catering company.

10. Track your spending. It will help you know when you have dipped your fingers into money that was meant for something else.

11. Make a list!

12. Ask your loved ones what they would want for gifts early enough so you can know how to pay the cash.

13. Take advantage of offers and sales. It is not cheap, and it is smart.

14. Do not celebrate on expensive Christmas decorations. If you go big, you will surely go home.

15. Avoid moving upcountry during this season as flights and bus rides are quite expensive. Travel earlier to take benefit of the affordable prices.



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