Showing up before the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee, Chebukati disgraced Mwachanya for refering to the result of a gathering she didn’t go to.

“Official Margaret Mwachanya was in Dubai when the entire gathering occurred. I don’t know why she quit IEBC, referring to the result of a gathering she didn’t go to,” expressed Chebukati.

The executive was making reference to the resignation of Mwachanya, Consolata Maina and Paul Kurgat from the survey body.

The three officers refered to that Chebukati had neglected to give appropriate initiative and was not consistent in his choices.

“The Commission Chair has neglected to be the enduring and stable hand that cows the ship in troublesome circumstances and gives headings when required,” pronounced the authorities.

At the point when asked whether the magistrates were all the while accepting their pay rates, Chebukati expressed that National Treasury was yet to react to his demand to stop their compensation.

“I kept in touch with the National Treasury approaching that pay rates for the three magistrates be ceased on the grounds that they are not working for us.

“I haven’t gotten any reaction. So I don’t know whether they have been paid the April pay rates,” he reacted.

He additionally made light of their renunciation from the commission expressing: “My perusing of the constitution is that we ought to have at least 3 chiefs and a most extreme of 9.”

The committee likewise inquired as to whether he felt people in general had lost confidence in the commission however he communicated certainty that it was as yet steady.

“I don’t have an apparatus to gauge open certainty. All I hear are a couple of voices out there,” he emphasized.


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