Controversial gospel singer Ringtone Apoko says he is broke

Flashy gospel musician, Ringtone Apoko, has loosened up about his financial status, exposing how much things are not good on his side as far as money is concerned.

The Wacha Iwe hitmaker has announced he is currently broke and does not have the money people think he has.

Speaking to radio Hot 96 on Tuesday, February 12, Ringtone insisted he had money but most of it was not his, or preferably he was not in a position to spend it on himself.

This, Ringtone announced while responding to questions on where or how he gets the cash he has been displaying online.

”I am very broke currently, I do not have money right now. I do not even have my fare back home. You can not reflect, I have no money,” Ringtone said.

The presenters of the radio show he was in could not buy his words and wanted to ransack his pockets to confirm his revelation.

Well, upon some search, one of the presenters found about KShs 50,000 in his pocket and questioned why he was claiming to be broke yet he could walk around with such a huge amount of money.

In his ‘defense, Singer Ringtone said the money was not his and that it had a specific mission, which did not incorporate himself.

Ringtone’s claims that he is broke, nevertheless, came as a shocker to many since the singer had earlier on boasted about how rich he is.

At some time Ringtone even declared to be the richest musician in East Africa, with a 10 bedroom house in Runda and a number of other business such as real estate.

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