How to check CRB status

CRB is an abbreviation which stands for credit reference bureaus within Kenya where loan lenders submit the details of individuals who fail to service their loan and they go with a slogan Negligence is never anything, do service your loan to end. Your CRB status tells loan companies like banks or loan apps your credit status, and if it is positive, then you may qualify for a loan while a negative CRB status will tell lenders not to award you any loan. so How to check CRB status in Kenya?

We are going to tell you how to check your CRB Status in Kenya online or via SMS and be able to access finance loan from different financial institutions in Kenya
The law allows Credit providers to submit names of people with any Non-Performing Loans to Credit Reference Bureaus for blacklisting.

There are three licensed CRB companies in Kenya:

  • TransUnion CRB Kenya
  • Metropol Corporation
  • CreditInfo

How to check your CRB Status in Kenya

Another major question that people ask themselves are we listed with the CRB? or What is CRB status? Or even how do I check my CRB status via online in Kenya? In our Country we have three institutions that deal with CRB as mentioned above and that is; Transunion, Metropol and CreditInfo. And for one to access their account details they have to enroll with either one or all of the required Credit Reference Bureaus (CRBs), the foremost reason as to why it is advised that you check your details with all CRBs is because money lenders at times do send information to all the companies thus necessitating clearance from all the credit reference companies, today we are going to discuss online ways on how to check an individual’s CRB status online;

1. How to Check your status with Metropol CRB

With Metropol the very first step is to access Metropol official website, or download Metropol Crystobol mobile app or dial *433# This is a convenient answer to many who want to know how to check CRB status online in Kenya using mobile.

Here are the steps:

  • Dial *433# on your phone using Safaricom line
  • Enter your Kenyan National ID Number
  • Enter an operator number if you were referred by a Metropol agent or enter zero (0) to continue
  • Confirm your details to complete the registration process
  • Pay Ks 100 as registration fees via the Pay Bill number 220388 and use your Kenyan National ID number as the account number.
  • You will get an SMS with Crytobol PIN, a Reference Number, and a Link to get your credit report.
  • Visit the Metropol website via the link provided and enter your phone number and the reference number to download your credit report.

Metropol additionally offers to arrange of credit services, and you can make payment applying the same steps described when checking your CRB status online in Kenya.

A Credit Score of ks 150. You have the benefit of one free credit report in a year. Metropol gives a score ranging between 200 and 900, and with any credit score below 400 will imply that you’re a loan defaulter and lenders can’t give you credits.

CRB status

Any score above 400 will indicate fair, and lenders will be in a good position to provide you with any loans with a lot of caution, which is not good as your limit will be very low. A good credit score is any score that is close to 900, and above moneylenders will give you cheap loans.

For one to acquire a Credit Report, you will be asked to Pay Ksh 250, This is a report profoundly explaining on how you associate with financial institutions like banks or Mpesa.

You can also take a look at various loan apps in Kenya that pay you via Mpesa

To find out who listed you to CRB, you are required to pay a total of Ksh 50 to know who forwarded your name to the CRB.
And eventually, to obtain a CRB Clearance Certificate, you will be asked to Pay Ksh 2200. After clearing all your defaulted credits, and you’ll be issued with a clearance certificate

Metropol charges

  • Credit Score check – Ksh 150
  • Blacklist Status –  Ksh 50
  • Credit Report check – Ksh 250
  • Who Has Blacklisted Me – Ksh 50
  • CRB Clearance Certificate – Ksh 2200

2.How to check CRB status Online in Kenya with TransUnion

The following are the steps that one can Check CRB status online in Kenya through TransUnion CRB.

  • First, you can send an SMS to the number 21272
  • Second is via TransUnion CRB app called, TransUnion Nipashe app
  • And the third option is through TransUnion website.

If you choose to check your status with TransUnion, follow the steps provided below:

Here are the steps:

  • Send your full names to 21272
  • Enter your ID number
  • Select CC (meaning Credit Status)
  • Once you receive your CRB status as good this will indicate a positive status that is to say in other words you are not blacklisted, upon getting a default message it will mean a negative (bad CRB) status that is you are blacklisted on Credit reference.

You can further access Other TransUnion Services such as:

A Credit Report, everyone is authorized to a free credit report in a year and upon payment of fee totaling Ksh 650 to this Paybill number 212121, and the account number needs to be your ID to get more than just one report in a year.

You can similarly get a Clearance Certificate upon payment of Ks 2200 to Paybill number ie 212121 and use your ID number as the amount account number.

To get your CRB clearance certificate, you will be required to register on the TransUnion official website using your email address. After payment, you can demand your certificate by just sending your Mpesa message to

3. How to check Your CRB Status online via CreditInfo

CreditInfo solely works on the information they collect through emails. but first you will be required to fill;

  1. Online credit request form to receive your certificate of clearance.
  2. And if you feel that your Credit Report Contains inaccurate information you will be asked to fill Credit report Dispute form.

How to clear with CRB Kenya

To clear with CRB in Kenya, first, check your credit standing via the above methods then, if your credit report is not proper, ask for the creditor that sent your adverse reports to CRB. This draws a fee of KSH 50.

If wrongfully blacklisted in CRB, visit the concerned creditor to fix the issue. By either clearing your credit or making them know that you have never borrowed anything from them. (some really makes me sick!)

You will be issued with a CRB clearance certificate, scan and email it to a CRB that you are enrolled with

CRB status

The Borrower’s Right

The law demands that a Creditor must alert a client before blacklisting him/her on the CRB dreaded blacklist. Nonetheless, At times, this does not happen.

This advance to the introduction of a regulatory management body called the Credit Information Sharing [CIS] a body that looks deeply into troublesome situations in the Credit industry.

CIS created a constitutionally recognized service centre named Tatua Center which offers free assistance to place and resolve conflicts with CRB and creditors

CRB Contacts

This segment will guide you on how to contact different CRBs in Kenya. Most people do not know that various Credit Reference bureaus have been authorized by the Central Bank of the Kenyan (CBK) government for credit referencing.

We are going to give you the clear contacts of each bureau to facilitate your clearance or queries. People get placed on CBRs for many mistakes like late payment of loans and tax evasion.

With the awakening of Loan Apps in Kenya, most people always find themselves blacklisted on various CRBs. You may not know the correct procedure on how to contact them and remove your name; consequently, this post will help you out.

As such, it is necessary to maintain a good credit score so that you can continue to get mobile or bank loans in the future.

When you want to know your CRB credit report or would wish to get a Credit Clearance Certificate, it simply means you should contact one of the authorized Credit Reference Bureaus in Kenya.

Here is how you contact a CRB company in Kenya

The authorized bureaus include; TransUnion Kenya, CreditInfo, and Metropol Crystobol. So Here is how you can contact them to get your name removed from their list.

1. TransUnion Kenya

The Transunion Kenya has started an innovative new SMS short code answer that enables customers in Kenya to easily access their loan information. We here at Exposeke have dedicated this article to demonstrate that to you.

TransUnion Africa offices are found at the Prosperity House, Westlands Rd, Off Museum Hill in Westlands, Nairobi.

Use this information if you want to contact TransUnion Africa.

  • Tel: 020 3751799/3751360/2/4/5
  • Official Website:
  • Date licensed: 9th Feb 2010

2. Creditinfo Kenya contacts

Creditinfo Kenya’s focus business is information linked to credit, offering services to meet each stage of the customer life cycle.

  • Call:+254 20 375 7272
  • Physical office address: Spark Suite, Parklands road
  • Date licensed: 29th April 2015
  • Website:

3. Metropol Corporation contacts

Metropol Corporation is the foremost provider of business information and debt supervision services in the entire Eastern Africa region. Metropol’s vision is to become Africa’s chief business information and debt management firm.

This is the most built Credit Reference Bureau in Kenya found in several towns in Kenya.

  • Physical address: Shelter Afrique, Upper Hill
  • Tel: 020 2689881/27113575
  • Mobile: 0727 413 733/0732 774666
  • official website:
  • Date licensed: 11th April 2011

Eldoret Town

Service branch is found at the Eldo Bliss Hotel, 1st floor.

Call: 0725597245

Mombasa Town

Service Branch found at the NSSF building, 6th floor, North Wing.

Call: 0733177722


Nakuru town service branch is found at the Wilmur House.

Call: 0728414264

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