Dennis Okari new wife

TV anchor Dennis Okari is definitely relishing his best life at the moment if his up-to-date social media activity is something to go by.

Those who have been watching Okari keenly will realise he has been very secretive about his personal life, especially after the mess that was the divorce with fellow anchor Betty Kyallo.

The duo, despite sharing a daughter and a lavish wedding back in 2016, split up in such abrupt fashion that everyone was left questioning what exactly went wrong.

Three years have moved since the divorce, with Okari finding love once again in the form of one Naomi Joy.

Having taken a second shot at marriage in a low-key ceremony, cheeky fans noted that unlike his initial wedding, the anchor really looked genuinely happy away from all the hype.

On a lighter note, days following his wedding and Okari was occupied doing what he does best – sharing all the pieces of news report through his Twitter, and that drew him a hilarious trolling from his fans who advised him to concentrate on his honeymoon.

Since then, established that he did exactly what was asked of him by fans as he flew his companion to Malaysia for a memorable experience.

Quite remarkably, Denis Okari is now getting the hang of Instagram as he took to share with the public just what his honeymoon was all about.

It might not have been as lavish as his first one which entailed a trip to Mauritius with Betty, but notwithstanding, Okari was more than grateful for the experience.

Among the places they visited was the famous Chocolate Kingdom, a renown chocolate shop in Malaysia known to serve some of the most exquisite forms of chocolate around.


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