Diamond Platinumz children and Zari

Tanzania’s based creme de la creme song hitter Diamond Platinumz has excited millions of his fans after saying that he will take his children with Zari Hassan to America to enjoy themselves.

The musician exposed that he was working hard to get his son and daughter American Visas so that they could meet up with him during his US music tour.

Posting to Instagram on Saturday, June 16, Simba apologised to his children for failing to celebrate Idd Ul Fitr with the in South Africa where they live with their mum Zari.

This, the singer said after receiving a video of his son Nillan and daughter Tiffah showering him with love sent to him by his ex-wife Zari.

”Awwwww….Love you more my babies, really wanted to come Celebrate Idd Ul Fitr with you this weekend, but due to my crazy work I couldn’t make it. As you know I have to travel this week to USA for my tour, so had to fix everything here before am gone,” Diamond wrote.

Diamond, however asked his children not to worry as he was arranging for them to travel to US to enjoy themselves as he performs on different stages on his tour.

”But am working on your American Visas so that you all can come at least for a week to enjoy America, while Papaa is killing A Boy From Tandale USA Tour. Papaa loves to death,”he added.


Putting one and one together, it is clear Nillan and Tiffah’s mother will tag along in a move that is expected to leave the singer’s other baby mama Hamisa Mobetto and her fans with a bad taste in their mouths.