Diamond platinumz Ugandan lover

Diamond Platinumz’s Kenyan lover, Tanasha Donnah, has much work to do to keep up with the singer’s philandering way if news reaching Exposeke.com are anything to go by.

Diamond is once again said to have impregnated his US-based Ugandan

The discovery was first made public by a friend of the singer’s lover who confirmed the two are profoundly in love, judging with the chemistry she saw between them during their recent video chat.

The friend made the expose while leaking the message to Ugandan social media influencer Ritah Kaggwa.

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Simba and US based lover of Ugandan origin expecting twins.

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According to the friend, Diamond’s heavily pregnant lover is loaded and does not want anything from the singer but his presence.

According to an audio and screenshot of communications between Ritah and Diamond’s lover’s friend, the two love birds are so much in love that that are planning to officiate the relationship through a civil marriage in May 2019.

It’s is not yet clear if the claims are true or just made up, but Exposeke.com is following up the story closely and will update you as it unfolds.

Diamond will be a father of five if indeed he has a secret lover in the US expecting his twins.

His relationship with Tanasha, if indeed its is real, is set to be shaken by the latest event.


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