Hot female DJ Pierra Makena found herself at the centre of a talk revolving around her practice after an effort to show off her physique went wrong.

Pierra who is one of the few female deck masters has had to fight her way to the top by battling stigma and ridicule that comes with being not only a female DJ but also a mother.

On Sunday, March 3,2019 what was meant to be a simple question to fans on whether she should hire one of her potential photographers ended up getting quite unpleasant responses.

The question was coupled with a video showing off the DJ’s derriere, and as the camera continued to pan, more elements were brought into context including an image of Pierra doing her thing on the decks.

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These are some of the responses Pierra Makena got. Not very positive…

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However, there was no running away from some critical fans who wondered why the video had to start with a shot of her behind, especially since Pierra identifies herself as a maestro on the decks.

One fan said: “Since when did deejaying become shots of your behind? You make me feel like I’m in the wrong place.”

Another female fan who was seemingly offended blamed the mother of one for the consistent sexualisation of female personalities in the countries.

“Yet we complain when we are sexualised. Was the music playing from your behind? I’ve never seen a male DJ start his shot from behind” she said.

In her defence, Pierra claimed the camera eventually captured her entire activity, not only what the fans chose to focus on.

As far as body shaming is concerned, Pierra has been at the forefront of such incidents for the longest time.

In fact, since giving birth to her daughter Ricca, the DJ has not had it very easy as she has consistently had to rise above vicious criticism.


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