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Eric Omondi Biography

Eric Omondi was born in 1985 in Kondele, Kisumu County. He is an outstanding humorist, a brand diplomat for OLX Kenya and Dola Flour.

He is the second conceived in a group of four kin. He is a sibling to Fred Omondi(comedian).

Eric Omondi Education

He began school at Kondele Primary School and later joined Kisumu Boys High School for his optional training.

He joined Daystar University for Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication and Journalism. On joining Daystar, had joined Christian Fellowship and was named and chosen as a bad habit administrator in absentia however was called and told what happened. The school set out to review him and had him apply for a grant which he inevitably scooped and won the full grant in the college that helped him move on from the University following a long time since he joined in the wake of undertaking and finishing his pre-college and afterward doing his college degree in 2006 and graduating in 2010.

Eric Omondi as a comedian star

Its in Kisumu Boys where his comic drama aptitudes on account of his normally chatty and never missed in the ‘commotion creators’ rundown. Regardless of whether he was missing or display, he would be on the rundown that got him into kind of huge inconvenience since anything he said turned out as a joke. It was while in shape three that he portrayed some Indian film he had viewed to a few colleagues and it appeared to be tempting and an ever increasing number of understudies focalized around him as he described and imitated Indian inflections and all the bizarre stuff.Unfortunately, the main sneaked in and masked himself among the understudies at the back yet nobody took note. What took after was his folks were called to class and he was caned in turns:- by his folks, the main, and a few instructors all got a bit of him.

His profession in comic drama started when he joined Churchil appear. He later left churchill to do his own show named Hawayuni that publicized in KTN yet it was fleeting. He likewise did ‘Some place in Africa’ and ‘Untamed’. He as of now does spoofs that he transfers on Youtube. He was voted as among the best 10 Africa most clever Men, he is to a great extent well known from his appearance on Churchill appear.

Erick Omondi on Jimmy Fallon Late Night Show

On 28th February Erick Omondi traveled to US on a business mission, he is required to perform in Las Vegas on March third and fourth. He highlighted on The Tonight Show that is facilitated by Jimmy Fallon making it to be the main Kenyan on the show. He took it to web-based social networking to share the gifts as he composed.

‘Envision one of your most out of this world fantasies working out as expected… mine simply jimmied… Fallon just said ‘The distance from Kenya, it’s Eric’ as yet holding up to wake up from this fantasy’

‘Wake me up when its everywhere. When you given that brilliant open door on that giolden arrange so you do your most loved joke’

Eric Omondi Salary and Networth

Multi-Millionaire and humorist Eric Omondi is a genuine meaning of a hawker;- emceeing, occasions, support bargains, item adverts like OLX, Own organization, Radio moderator, TV Personality, Local and International entertainer the person has endeavored to be the place he is today, being raked as among top regarded comics in Africa and generally costly.

In any case its all play and chuckling till the financial balance begins grinning when at best he can make Shs 0.75 Million. Having joined media outlets he has figured out how to heap a heavy piece of a gauge networth of sh.30Million false name $350,000.

Eric Omondi Hobby

Eric loosens up by playing football and he is a lifelong fan supporter of Manchester United with a sub aware of annoying Arsenal fans.

Eric Omondi News

Eric Omondi’s stripped video flashes online rage

Refreshed: 01.03.2018

Erick Omondi’s hardships after a video of him taking a swim with minors at a stream in Turkana could extend more after the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ezekiel Mutua undermined to sue.

In a long post on Facebook, Mutua chastised Omondi for posturing naked with exposed children disregarding the KFCB characterization rules.

Mutua expressed that Omondi’s video was an ‘unlawful, strange and profane comic drama that damages the privileges of kids’ whom he guarantees were being abused for cash.

He included that he will seek after legitimate activity against the comic and asked the guardians of the kids to sue Omondi for the ‘gross mishandle and profane presentation of their children.’

“There can be no reasonable setting to warrant this obscene presentation and mishandle of youngsters’ rights. This video isn’t just disregarding the KFCB grouping rules and the soul of Cap 222, it’s additionally in rupture of the Children’s Act,” composed Mutua.

On his part, Omondi apologized for his activities saying that he had blundered in judgment.

“I have been a comic all my life… Many are the circumstances that I have errored… Today was one of those days. I have insulted such a significant number of. I didn’t in any capacity expect to insult anybody… I AM DEEPLY SORRY FOR THAT… ” said Omondi.


Eric Omondi: I’m sad for foul video cut

Refreshed: 01.03.2018

Humorist Eric Omondi has apologized to Kenyans for a video cut, which indicates him playing and hopping into River Turkwel in Turkana County while bare in the organization of adolescent kids.

The 2-minute clasp was shared on smaller scale blogging webpage Twitter on Wednesday, February 26th, starting shock on the web-based social networking stage, with numerous online clients getting out the entertainer for being ill bred, harsh and hasty.

Mr Omondi says that it was not his aim to insult anybody, and that the video cut was spilled to Twitter by a man, who was keen on painting him in awful light.

Addressing eDaily, Mr Omondi said he was participating in a culture run of the mill of African country life, just that he didn’t figure the minute would be caught on video and posted via web-based networking media.

“I have thought about what I did, and I have understood my activities were so off-base. Give me a chance to be straightforward, that was terrible, awful. I need to state this from the most profound piece of my heart; I am exceptionally sorry to learn who were insulted by my activities, and Kenyans everywhere,” he Eric Omondi.

“The video was not implied for online networking. I need to apologize for the obscenity. I didn’t intend to affront or damage anybody; those were not my expectations. My expectation has dependably been to make individuals glad.

“As an entertainer, now and again, when you attempt to make individuals cheerful, you fail. Recently (Wednesday, February 28) was one of those occasions when I committed an error. In any case, once more, I didn’t release the video; it was intended to stay on the shores of River Turkwel.

“One thing I won’t apologize for is being African. This is our mainland; washing in the waterway has been our way of life and custom. We swim in streams. Our progenitors did it. It is occurring at the present time in Turkana, Malawi, Djibouti.

“However, what I need to apologize for is that it is out there; and it is being esteemed as revolting as a result of innovative headways the general public has experienced throughout the years. You’ll concur with me that a large portion of our youngsters today have not been raised in the provincial setting, where showering in the stream is considered to be typical practice.

“In this way, when they see that video of me swimming stripped in the stream, at that point it isn’t great. I need to let it be known wasn’t right. I am exceptionally sad. It was not my goal. God can endure me witness. My calling and God’s blessing to me is to make individuals cheerful, I will endeavor to accomplish that,” said Mr Omondi.

The disputable video saw Mr Omondi slant at top position on Twitter Wednesday evening through Thursday morning.

Eric Omondi Girlfriend

Eric Omondi is profoundly enamored with an italian Girl passing by the name Shantel. The entertainer as of late uncovered that the two met amid the Kenya at 50 Show at Kasarani. The woman had come to explicitly observe Eric perform.

Shantel Grazioli is enthusiastic in group extends and is anticipating beginning a marvel exhibition.

“I truly adore this woman, not on the grounds that she is delightful but rather in light of her identity, it’s uncommon to locate an excellent woman with a similarly wonderful identity,”Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi Gifts his sweetheart an auto on valentine

On Valentine (2018) Erick Omondi skilled her sweetheart a pristine BMW X6 . This is after he raised an announcement to welcome her home after she had gone to her folks in Italy.

Eric Omondi Role Model

Eric Omondi’s enormous, most loved and a motivational good example is Will Smith on account of his attributes and standards for being extremely funny comedies and in motion pictures, with Eric dream is to take after similar strides of doing Comedy and later begin an acting vocation.

The Genius of Eric Omondi

For Eric Omondi, one of the greatest superstar names synonymous with comic drama in Kenya, the high quality satire organize has not exclusively been a stage to ceaselessly laugh out loud Kenyans, yet in addition a venturing stone to self-revelation and colossal development.

Similarly as with any fruitful humorist who knows the estimation of right planning, a year ago, Eric chose to leave the Churchill Show. The show is kind of the benchmark for any humorist peering toward the major association.

As a standout amongst other humorists in Kenya, Eric Omondi has officially “made it”; still, it wasn’t a simple activity.

Yet, it was a significant choice that would facilitate his excursion in discovering what he needed out of his profession. With Daniel Ndambuki’s favors, he cleared out the home and went to “fight for himself”.

“Did I leave?” he inquires. “What do we call it since I didn’t stop. Suppose I’m a first conceived, and I needed to move out, that is the most ideal approach to put it. Have you at any point seen a 42-year-old man living with his mom? It’s extremely ugly, I needed to move out and construct my own home, and I’m mature enough at this point.”

Eric Omondi dependably knew he was funny; it isn’t something he gloats about, henceforth it isn’t amazing that his first stage was in grade school at Kondele

His lyric was a hit with theparents, and in this manner started his adventure. In any case, he reviews that at that early age, individuals thought he talked excessively.

“I’ve been unknowingly doing satire as far back as I was a child, I used to be known as a noisemaker yet generally, it was comic drama,” he says.

Despite the fact that influencing individuals to chuckle was constantly something he needed to do throughout everyday life, Eric Omondi uncovers that he urgently needed to be a correspondent.

All things considered, his years examining correspondence at Daystar University in Nairobi had set him up to fill in as a journalist and, in the event that he succeeded, proceeded onward to wind up a newscaster, so he thought.

Be that as it may, with only one story in at NTV, his vocation as a correspondent just endured two weeks.

Omondi can’t resist the urge to snicker when he thinks back about his short spell as a news journalist.

“I worked at NTV as a correspondent for two weeks, I completed one story after which they showed me out. It was awful. I was revealed to I wasn’t sufficient. I think I was there to get myself. Individuals should do what they cherish, on the grounds that then they can do it for quite a while,” he says.


Eric Omondi chalks down his two-week news coverage vocation to great old experience. Thinking back, he understands it didn’t come as effortlessly or normally to him like satire.

All through college, Eric Omondi had been doing satire. Aside from being the dramatization club executive, he had additionally delegated himself the informal school MC and would do stand-up satire at whatever point he found the opportunity.

In 2006, he met Churchill (Daniel Ndambuki) who was doing Red Corner at the time. Like at some other occasion, he was the MC before Churchill got up to give a motivational discourse.

It was now that Churchill found Omondi’s capacity to influence individuals to chuckle. He took his number and guaranteed to connect with him, yet since he took too well before imparting, Omondi surrendered trusting that Churchill could ever call.

After two years, and consistent with his pledge, Churchill decided.

That was the start of Omondi’s ascent to distinction and achievement that considered him to be a fan most loved on Churchill Live until the point that his takeoff a year ago.

“I’ve made it this far in view of Churchill and the Churchill Live show. Perhaps I would have influenced it without him however I to can let you know for beyond any doubt that I’m here today on account of Churchill,” he says.

“Up until this point, so great, until this minute, I think I have prevailing regarding what I needed to accomplish. I’m cheerful where I am on account of I know I’ll get to where I need to be,” Omondi says.

Most noticeably awful IDEA

Only a year in the wake of getting the Churchill Live show, woman fortunes by and by grinned upon Omondi when he got news that he would star in his own comic drama appear, Hawayu, on KTN.

The show implied more cash and higher status as one of Kenya’s driving comics.

That as well, similar to his news coverage vocation, was a snapshot of temporary fervor as the show was drop after one season because of poor appraisals.

“It was one of the most noticeably bad thoughts since I was youthful and I wasn’t prepared. I think God gave me that open door deliberately to show me a couple of things. In any case, it was likewise extraordinary compared to other things that at any point transpired in light of the fact that without it, I wouldn’t be the place I’m today.

It changed everything and I learnt a considerable measure. I comprehended Kenyans, creation and drama all in all. It was a decent lesson,” he says.

In spite of the fact that there was so much negative criticism, it helped him comprehend his group of onlookers and specialty more.

He additionally got significant slump of a show on NTV which did not last.

From recounting ballads, being an informal MC, the star fascination on Churchill Live, beginning his own particular parody indicate which neglected to highlighting in Night of a Thousand Laughs, Omondi has had a significant energizing run. What’s more, he isn’t yet done.

Just to add a couple of more plumes to his top, Eric Omondi is likewise the OLX minister in Kenya and simply a month ago, landed himself the part of Kenya Wildlife Service Rhino envoy to help secure the jeopardized creatures.

Presently, he is attempting to promote the reason that those before him began. The distance from Vitimbi, Intrukalass, Crazy Kenyans, Reddykyulas, Red Corner, Churchill Raw and Churchill Show, he will be soon including his own check that will keep on defining Kenyan drama like those before him.

With a fairly smooth ride to popularity and achievement, Omondi’s greatest dread has never been disappointment; what he fears most is blurring into obscurity.

“On the off chance that I woke up one day to discover no one is abhorring, I would be extremely stressed. When it gets to a point where individuals are not saying anything in regards to you or notwithstanding reviling, at that point simply know they have proceeded onward. Around here when individuals discuss you, it’s great, so I wouldn’t fret,” he says.

All the feedback, both positive and negative, to him, just comes down to getting free conclusions. His real disillusionment for the time being is that there are no comics like Churchill or Jalang’o who have transformed their names into significant brands and to encourage this dismay is the way that Kenyan comic drama has been constrained to ancestral jokes.

His specialty has, in any case, taken him past Kenya, and he has held shows in the US, South Africa and Nigeria.

In March, BBC positioned him as the ninth most interesting man in Africa on a rundown beat by Trevor Noah and Basketmouth.

Despite the fact that he has gotten help en route to getting to be one of the identities that have assumed a part in forming Kenyan drama, he trusts that he is an independent man who made the best of each open door he got.

“I trust it is a direct result of God that I’m here today. Now and again it doesn’t sound good to me and it doesn’t make any sense how I arrived. I give Him all the credit. I was likewise never given the brand Eric Omondi, I buckled down despite everything i’m buckling down. It was not luckiness,” he says.

Despite the fact that he has been in the business for an extensive time, with a firm handle of how the exchange functions, Omondi is still hard on himself and expects nothing not as much as flawlessness from himself.

“I shoot my own particular clasps and I’m associated with the altering also. There are such huge numbers of inconspicuous clasps on the grounds that in the event that I don’t feel it’s adequate, it will never observe the light of day. I’m my greatest pundit. I don’t have to burn through cash contracting a faultfinder; Kenyans will do that for me,” he says. “I should simply sign on to Twitter.”

Presently, Eric Omondi is represent considerable authority in completing one hour solo specials that have ended up being a hit.

Eric Omondi Untamed

On the fifteenth of August, Omondi is slated to once more make that big appearance in a small time indicate named Eric Omondi Untamed 5. The show is planned to happen at the Carnivore grounds.

Before at that point, he will be the host of Comedy Night Live at a similar setting with kindred humorists Dr Ofweneke and Malawian entertaining man Daliso Chaponda.

Source Daily Nation

Eric Omondi Challenge

In January 2018 Erick Omondi’s photograph of his ‘balls’ turned into a web sensation

after he posted a photograph on his instragram with his better half while in the midst of a furlough. The photograph incited individuals to do Erick Omondi Challenge.

“No, it was not purposeful. I had guiltlessly posted the photo and four minutes after it went on the web, I saw that I was getting a considerable measure of remarks on it. I signed in to check the Instagram clients’ criticism. It is then that I understood that a piece of my masculinity was appearing through some shorts,” said Omondi.

“For a minute, I was befuddled on what to do. I thought about

erasing the photo, however actually, I chose it stays on the stage. I can’t right God’s work.The most private piece of my body are my bones, and the entire world thinks about my thinness. I disregard what online clients are saying on Instagram in regards to the disputable picture. I am a comic; my work is to influence individuals to chuckle. Insofar as my activities influence them to giggle, I am cheerful.”


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