Police officers have put on high alert following explosions and gunfire at Riverside drive, Nairobi which is typically a high-end settlement and office location.

Several cars caught fire following the explosion and exposekecom understands several people are held up inside neighbouring office complex and 5-star hotel, DusitD2.
Eyewitnesses claim they saw four people in military fatigue near DusitD2 hotel moments before the commotions.
Evacuations from buildings adjacent to DusitD2 are currently underway even though one person has been confirmed dead.
It is not clear if or not they were part of the attackers, clients or workers at DusitD2 hotel.

The police managed to isolate one vehicle believed to have been used by the attackers to access the area
It is claimed one of the attackers hurled a grenade at the vehicles in the parking sparking the fire which consumed the three cars right in front of the hotel entrance.



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