Fans call out Vera Sidika for refusing to move on from Otile Brown after she exposed nasty details of broken relationship

Vera sidika and Otile brown

The better part of the internet blown up for two very different reasons on Monday, November 19 – the release of the KCPE exams and a nasty expose by socialite Vera Sidika regarding her former lover Otile Brown.

Netizens have now resolved that the socialite has a severe case of heartbreak after came up with some explosive screenshots which revealed some embarrassing circumstances on why her relationship with the Baby Love singer was a long shot.

Fans call out Vera Sidika for refusing to move on from Otile Brown after socialite revealed nasty details of the broken relationship

In screenshots seen by, the socialite took to address the nasty joke that has been going around that her newfound interest in music was ‘sexually transmitted’.

What was an initial justification of her music quickly morphed into a full-blown rant about Otile’s poor bedroom skills as Vera shared screenshots from as far back in June where she lamented on lack of proper bedroom action from her former boo.

Unlike previous past rants, Vera decided to go all in on her ex as she came with damaging allegations that she was not the first victim of Otile’s alleged ‘woman-eating’ ways.

The nasty rant went on for several hours, and the more Vera spoke on the botched relationship, the more her fans were convinced she had bottled some resentment which was coming out through embarrassing screenshots.

Eventually, the socialite concluded her ‘expose’ by claiming she was only out to help women who might be undergoing similar tribulations.

“I speak about this to teach others, not that I want to take him down. For everyone thinking this is a stunt, it isn’t. The first break up wasn’t either. It’s all over, and you shall never see the two of us together,” she explained.
Kenyans instantly took an interest in very embarrassing bashing, and they all agreed that Vera was still hurting from the relationship.


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