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Greenpeace Africa Description

Greenpeace is a free worldwide crusading association that demonstrations to change states of mind and conduct, to secure and save nature and to advance peace. Greenpeace has been working in Africa to end ecological devastation and battling for the privileges of Africans to a solid domain since mid 1990’s with the Africa office being set up in 2008. Set up in 1971, Greenpeace’s sole purpose behind presence is to uncover wrongdoings against nature wherever they may happen and regardless their identity conferred by.

Greenpeace Africa is the immediate branch of a development that started in 1971 with a gathering of individuals offended by the US government’s aim to do atomic testing at Amchitka, a small island off Alaska. As of now, that shock is centered around the support of mankind: Africa. We are currently working in South Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Senegal; the nations with the most pressing ecological issues – environmental change, over-angling and the devastation of the terrifically vital rain woodlands – issues that influence the whole landmass.

Greenpeace Africa Campaigns

Handling atmosphere change:climate change may very well be the greatest risk humanity has ever confronted, especially in Africa. Africans aren’t in charge of environmental change; the modern countries are the most exceedingly terrible guilty parties. Be that as it may, it is Africans who will pay the steepest cost. Greenpeace is secured an edgy battle to change individuals’ psyches, particularly the brains of the nation’s pioneers.

Sparing the woodlands: Greenpeace is working locally and globally to ensure this unique condition before it is past the point of no return. Called ‘Woodlands for Climate’, the activity will instruct the world how it can bode well to leave the timberlands as they seem to be, instead of cleaving them up until the end of time.

Ensuring our seas and their ressources: Greenpeace is crusading to prevent the robbery of fish from African oceans and to create suitable contrasting options to overfishing, that will help build up a reasonable, privately worked and financed angling industry.

Greenpeace Africa Jobs

Greenpeace utilizes individuals from all edges of the globe, all committed to meeting the expert principles expected of the world’s driving crusading association for the earth. They search for dynamic cooperative individuals who need to have any kind of effect. They utilize individuals with a wide assortment of aptitudes and experience including individuals to run their outstanding efforts, activities and ship unit, analysts, pledge drives, squeeze officers, political, legitimate and HR guides, fund authorities and some more.

Greenpeace Africa Contacts

Name: GreenPeace Africa

Physical Address: 6 Kanjata Crescent off James Gichuru Road,Lavington

Postal Address:

District: Nairobi, Kenya





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