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The internet is a dangerous street that can either make you stronger or break you into a million pieces.

This, many celebrities know absolutely well after the same internet they love so much turned astray against them, not once, not twice but infinite times.

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Tanzanian popular socialite Hamisa Mobetto is not an exemption judging with her several running ins with netizens.

The socialite has once again tripped upon a troll of a lifetime after social media users learnt of her real age.

It should be noted that the mother of two in several media interviews held in 2019 claimed to be 23.

However, snoops succeeded to get a copy of her national Identity Card which clearly affirmed she was born in 1991, which makes her exatly 28 years-old in 2019.

Following the development, countless people especially Tanzanians took to social media to bash her for having lied to the world about her age.

Countless people wondered why she would even care so much to lie about her age, yet she looked young.

However, it should be noted that Hamisa Mobetto is not the only woman or rather female celebrity who has deceived people about her age.

Countless females have been taking people for rides by lowering their ages.


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