Hamisa Mobeto and Diamond

Have you ever found yourself stalking your ex’s new catch and by mistake, your fat fingers hit the like button? Hamisa Mobetto just did this.

The beauty while cherishing her replacement had an oops moment when she liked Tanasha Donna’s photo despite the two not even being friends.

Scrolling through the internet, Exposeke.com captured the Tanzanian beauty’s fingerprints plastered all over Tanasha’s photo.

Kenyans with their keen eyes were also quick enough to notice the significant mistake, and most started trolling the Tanzanian model.

A lot of Diamond’s fans hinted maybe, maybe Hamisa is not really over the Bongo star.

According to most of them, she is seeking to see what her competition look like so she can pounce again.

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Wakenya nao hawananga chills.

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hehe huyu amemove on kweli?

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Lol! This is apparently what people refer to as being caught with your pants down.

When she recognised her mistake, the mother of two quickly unliked the photo but of course, the internet never forgets, and the screenshots had then been taken.

Hamisa has declared a ton of times she is done and dusted with her failed relationship with the Bongo star but it seems some things do not go away.


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