HF Whizz loan app

Do you need a quick loan? Well, continue reading on to find out how to use HF Whizz Loan App in 2019. The HF Whizz is one of the best loan apps in Kenya that work on both Android and iOS-based phones.

As a novelist of the Fintech industry, you can’t help but see the booming mobile loan industry in Kenya.

With source, I know that Kenya is the single African Country with the most mobile loan apps people use to access a loan. This success if affiliated with M-Pesa. Its presence has made it possible for other mobile loan apps to thrive. The most current loan app is Housing Finance Whizz loan app.

The Housing Finance Group propelled its digital financial services platform aptly named Housing Finance Whizz (HF Whizz).

Housing Finance started as a mortgage firm 52 years ago, and now it is on the brink of transforming into a multi-dimensional digital financial services company, and the mobile app is just but a tip of the iceberg.

Banking is much simpler today, but the Housing Finance Whizz loan app makes it more convenient than it is already. HF whizz enables the users to open an account in less than a minute.

I will be frank with you; this is the shortest time I have heard or seen someone starting an account with any bank.

Housing finance achieves this by using the details that you used to register your Safaricom M-Pesa account. In This way, you do not have to go to the physical bank to confirm your new account. All you need to do is just deposit money in the app from your M-Pesa, and you are good to go.

Housing Finance Whizz app

The Whizz app automatically saves your details such that you do not have to enter the pay bill number when depositing your money. This process reduces expensive mistakes which can lead to loss of funds if one inputs the wrong pay bill number.

According to Housing Finance Whizz, the whizz app targets the young hustler out there and micro-entrepreneurs. These are the people who don’t have all the time to visit the traditional physical bank hence require an app which extends convenience.

The mobile app will be giving out soft loans to its customers since it will mainly be serving entrepreneurs. This is really because entrepreneurs and business minded people need a helping hand at one time or another.

This is as such because this group sometimes faces cash difficulties because they sometimes have to supply goods or services on credit which normally takes about 30 days or more to be paid. During this period, bills have to be paid as we know it, and one has to restock as well.

As such loans become the obvious bet since family and friend may not always have the funds or be willing to assist. The HF Whizz mobile App allows you to apply for a loan from the convenience of your office or home wherever that may be.

Housing finance Whizz requires an interest rate of 7.725% on approved loans. The loan value will depend on your purchases on the account and M-Pesa. The mobile app is available on Google play store for Android OS users.

I found that the Whizz loan app similar to Timiza loan app. I did not have to deposit any amount yet received a loan of more than Ks20,000 on day 1.

HF Whizz loan app

HF Whizz loan app download

If you want a loan from HF Whizz, follow these steps to get started.

Step 1: HF Whizz app download

You can instantly register on HF Whizz App by downloading the app from the Google Play store or the Apple Store for IOS devices and enter the required details.

Step 2: Creating an account

To create an active account, you need a phone number and your ID number. You will be given a PIN to initiate the service to access your account.

Step 3: Applying for a loan

Once you have successfully created your account, you can now easily apply for a loan from your mobile HF whizz app.

HF Whizz offers loans of up to Ks 50,000. The loan amount in total will be charged an interest rate of 7.725%.

The loans are payable in a total of 30 days.

Whizz app features

With this loan app, you can do more than just getting a loan. For instance, you have the following features.

  • Payments of bills– You can Pay for goods straight from your HF account.
  • Transfer Money – You can do an HF to HF account transfers absolutely for FREE, Send any amount of money from your HF Whizz account to M-Pesa of transfer from HF app account to another bank account.
  • Save money– If you are looking for a secure place to keep your cash, you can deposit and save some money to make your dreams a reality.
  • You get a Budget tracker
  • Buy airtime – The whizz app enables you to conveniently buy airtime for yourself or a friend straight from the app.

How to borrow loan from Whizz App

Am using an Android device, I don’t know of the iOS whizz experience. However, all loans draw an interest in CBR plus 4% and 6% commission fee. Loans start from ks1000 to a maximum of ks50000

  1. Open the MH app
  2. Select Loans
  3. Enter your PIN
  4. Select term,
  5. Enter the amount you wish to obtain (not to exceed the loan limit)
  6. Choose a reason for the loan
  7. Proceed.

Your loan will then be instantly deposited into your Whizz account. Choose to Send Mpesa to transfer the money to your Mpesa number.

Repay Whizz Loan

Loans can be repaid via HFC Bank deposit, pay from Mpesa account or pay from Whizz account.
The repayment term ranges between 1 day up to 180 days (6 months) depending on the loan taken.

  1. Open the HF app
  2. Select Loans
  3. Select Repay Loan option
  4. Enter amount
  5. Go ahead to repay using your Whizz account.
  6. If you select Mpesa (if your MH Whizz account balance is inadequate),
  7. you will then be asked to enter your Mpesa PIN to execute the transaction.
  8. You will then receive a notification about the repayment.

MH WHIzz loan contacts

  • Toll-free number; 0800721400
  • Call; 0709438888 or
  • Call ; 020 326 2888
  • Email; customer.service@hfgroup.co.ke



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