HIV cure news-Hope as scientists find cure for HIV Aids

Scientists have crawled closer to finding the real remedy for HIV/AIDS after another man who was until lately HIV-positive was successfully cured of the infection in Britain.

The London-based victim was confirmed HIV-free following a bone marrow transplant from an HIV-resistant donor.

Reports seen by on Tuesday, March 5, showed doctors conducted various tests on the said patient and they could not find a single trace of the AIDS virus three years following the bone marrow transplant procedure.

“There was no virus that we could measure. We could not detect anything. Highly sensitive tests showed no trace of the man’s previous HIV infection. We can thus say the patient is functionally cured,” said Ravindra Gupta, one of the physicians working on the man’s case.

Gupta explained that the patient had not been receiving anti-retroviral drugs for over 18 months at the time of testing after he obtained stem cells from HIV-resistance donor.

The medics, nevertheless, cautioned it was still too early to say they had found the cure for HIV/AIDS and that what they have is a testimony of concept which can be used to detect the treatment.

This was the second time a man was cured of AIDS Aids after receiving stem cells from a donor with a genetic mutation known to resist the killer virus.

The first incident was reported in 2007 when an HIV-positive American citizen, recognised as Timothy Brown, who had undergone a similar treatment later tested HIV-negative.

As of March 2019, some 37 million people worldwide were said to be living with the AIDS virus. About 35 million others have departed of AIDS in the past three decades.

Scientist are increasingly confident that cure would be found soon after over 30 years of rigorous research.



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