Uhuru with Dubai businessmen

Kenyans have waited with bated breath to hear of any sanctions the United Arab Emirates would take against Kenya considering the harsh summons the UAE Foreign Affairs Secretary Minister Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan issued on the morning of Miguna’s deportation but so far, none has been forthcoming.
This was after the Flight Company flouted aviation rules and carried a sedated NRM general Miguna Miguna against his wish as instructed by the Jubilee government.
Could it be that they relaxed their hard stance because of business interests between Emirates and Kenya with specifics to the Kenya Ports Authority?
In March last year, ODM leader Raila Odinga questioned the signing of a bilateral cooperation agreement between Kenya and the Government of the United Arab Emirates.

In that agreement, the Government of the United Arab Emirates agreed to lend to the Government of Kenya a concessional loan to the tune of approximately 275 million USD (Sh28 billion).
The loan was to be used in the development of the Port of Mombasa including what the agreement called “enhancing operational and business efficiencies within the Second Container Terminal” in addition to the development of Kipevu Oil Terminal.
Raila unmasked the ‘loan’ as a bribe to senior persons in government and it was given on condition that the Government of the United Arab Emirates will appoint an agent to operate, manage and undertake the expansion of the Second Container Terminal of the Port of Mombasa.
UAE went ahead to appoint Dubai Port World (DP World) to manage the facility.
According to Raila, UAE did not win but purchased the management of our second container terminal at a cost of 275 million US dollars.
International port operators, from countries with mega port operations like China, Japan, Singapore, and the Netherlands participated in the tender and emerged on top of the defeated Dubai Port. In the tender, Chinese consortium PSA International, which had partnered with a local group – Multiple Hauliers – emerged top
It is also common knowledge that the Kenyattas have businesses in Dubai and President Uhuru has been known to fly to Dubai for the Grand Prix Rallies in Abu Dhabi and also for ‘business’.
During the embattlement for the ballot papers printing debacle before the August elections, ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi had hinted that The Aziz Al Ghurair printing copmay had business ties with Muhoho Kenyatta, Uhuru Kenyatta’s brother.
Emirates was not ready to risk the billions they reap from Kenyan and thus agreed to carry Miguna Miguna, sedated and bundled like an animal.


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