How to apply for a birth certificate in Kenya-step by step

Applying for a valid birth certificate in Kenya is showing to be a headache. A lot of people do not know what is expected of them or how to go about this otherwise simple process. Here is a breakdown on how to apply for a valid birth certificate in Kenya

What You will Need:

  • The original and the copy of the birth notification – It is the pink slip that you receive from the hospital where the child was delivered.
  • A copy of the father’s ID
  • A copy of the Mothers ID

The procedure of Applying for a Birth Certificate in Kenya step by step

  • Visit your respective district registrar of births and deaths’ Office, and you’ll be provided with a form to fill. One can use the names in the birth notification, or they can pick a different name for your child. Modifying the name will cost you a few additional shillings.
  • Join/attach this form with the copies of the IDs and the birth notifications.
  • The information you’ve provided is then verified, and you are sent to the cash register to make the payment
  • You only pay ksh50 shillings to apply for a certificate without amendment. You pay ksh90 if the name of the parent needs to be corrected, Ksh130 if you need to adjust both the names of the parent and the name of the child. Re-registration will cost you Ks 90 shillings, and if you are registering late (later than nine months after delivery) you only pay 150 shillings.
  • You’ll be provided with a receipt which you’ll use to collect the birth certificate.
  • Have valid copies of both parent’s national identity cards. When the parents are dead one should present a copy of the death certificate.

For an individual who is looking to apply for a birth certificate in Kenya without amendments pays Ksh 50. For modifications in Birth Certificates in Kenya and correction of the Childs name on the birth certificate in Kenya, there usually is a payment of Kshs 50. To change the name of the parent in a birth certificate in Kenya, one pays Ksh 90. For correction of both the name of the child and the name of the parent in a birth certificate in Kenya, a sum of Ksh 130 is paid. For re-registration for a Kenyan birth certificate in, a fee of Ksh 90 is spent. In the late registration of a Birth certificate in Kenya – which is typically termed when registration is occurring six months from the date of birth occurrence in Kenya, a cost of Ks 150 is paid at the offices of birth registration in Kenya.

How to apply for a birth certificate in Kenya-step by step

How to apply for a valid Birth Certificate in Kenya without Birth Notification

If you don’t have a birth notification (In instances where the child is born at home or in late registration), you need to start the process at the local sub-chief’s office. She/He will issue you with the necessary documentation.

If you’re within Nairobi…
When you are in Nairobi, the national government immigration and registration of person’s offices are found in Upper Hill Bishop Road. Get to number 7C buses at KenCom and alight at the community. The offices are just opposite NSSF building.

How long does it need to get a birth certificate in Kenya?

For both modes of application for a birth certificate, you will want to wait for two weeks before the certificate is ready.

Birth certificate Kenya replacement procedure

What to do if you lost your birth certificate in Kenya? How do I replace my lost birth certificate? These two queries are commonly asked when it comes to matters birth certificate. Here is the birth certificate replacement method if you lost this crucial certificate. The simplest of replacing your lost birth certificate is by visiting any Huduma Centre near you. From here, you will be guided on what to do as well as any costs that you’re supposed to pay.


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