How to Calculate Safe Days for girls to Avoid Pregnancy
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Pregnancy can be a happy piece for couples that want to have children, especially in a marriage setup. Nevertheless, it can be devastating for women that did not require it. This is what leads to needless abortions, and sometimes children that are born and given up for adoption thereby denied the chance to grow up with their biological parents. Rather than letting it get to this point, it’s wise that you shun it from the word go particularly if you’ve got an active sexual life. There are different ways to do it, and one of the most popular and the oldest way living to calculate safe days. Below how you do it.elow

How to calculate your safe days to avoid pregnancy

If you are to know your safe days to prevent pregnancy, you primarily have to follow your cycle. A menstrual cycle is finished from day 1 of your periods to the next day 1 of the following period. The Safe days are calculated as being within day 1 to 7 and also from day 21 to the closing day of the cycle. These are those days within which you can engage in sexual exercise without worrying about getting pregnant. The dates aren’t fixed. They’ll change depending on your cycle. Most women get 28-day cycles with a few having lesser days. Nevertheless, there is also a group of women that have sequences that are longer than 28 days and for this division of ladies, the theory of safe days can never be relied upon since it is almost unlikely to predict.

What are the safe days to avoid getting pregnant?

Understanding your safe days to avoid pregnancy after menstruation will save you much difficulty especially when you are not prepared for it. It is necessary that you take extreme caution when estimating your safe days since relying on physical means and guesswork could point to serious mistakes that could cost you and result in sorrows. After pinpointing unsafe days, you can take the required measures to avoid pregnancy by using some protection on these days. It is not to put you off s3x, but instead, let you plan. It is prudent to use proven techniques to calculate your safe days. Here are two that will work correctly.

1.The safe period calculator

This process demands that you understand the menstrual cycle changes. The first step is to know when your cycle starts and when it ends. This information will be crucial in determining and obtaining your safe and unsafe periods. It will equip you with the understanding of what are the safe days to avoid pregnancy in your case.

Once you understand, this calculator works you have to find out if it’s compatible with your cycle. Not all people can use this technique happily. Those who qualify to use it are those people whose standard length of the menstrual cycle for the past six months has lasted between 26 to 32 days. In addition to this, the main difference between the longest and shortest cycles is seven days or less. Nevertheless, before you can endeavour to use this technique, it is advisable to visit your doctor to analyse about this procedure’s reliability. The failure rate has been recorded to be between 3-4 per cent per year.

The system cannot work for people whose cycle is less than 26 days and on the higher side for more than 32 days. You also cannot use it shortly after childbirth as your cycle is yet to stabilise. Just use it after you have had six routine menstrual cycles after delivery. The method also does not work for the women who are almost approaching menopause as well as teens.

2. FAM- Fertility Awareness Method

This is the other technique to calculate your safe days. It is frequently referred to as natural family planning. With this method, you need to be keen about the signs that the body is discharging due to hormone fluctuations in the body. It is based on a couple of presumptions including:

  • An egg is discharged in a cycle
  • Eggs live up to 24 hours
  • Sperms last for up to 6 days within which they can fertilise the ovum
  • A woman’s productivity happens within six days before ovulation and two to three days following ovulation.

The method works by alerting you on the days that you are most fertile thus you will be able to take the necessary precautions. Aside from these two methods, you can likewise go for the ovulation predictors test kits. These will help you during ovulation although they are not entirely dependable.

Safe days to avoid pregnancy chart

With a better understanding of how to calculate your safe days, the following table will simplify your work.

  • Get the short cycle on record
  • Minus 18 from the days in your shortest cycle
  • Add the number you get to your current cycle (add from day one of the cycles)
  • Mark the day the addition gets you to with an X
  • X will be your initial fertile day of the current cycle

The last productive day process is different.

  • Get the most extended cycle and minus 11 from total day count
  • Add the result today one of your cycles. The result is your last fertile day

Remember that sperm can linger viable in the vagina for a couple of days. It is continually wise to give yourself an up to 4 days padding to your first fertile day to dodge any surprises.

This calculation may seem to be complicated, but when put in a chart it is straightforward. Use your determined calendar to mark the days and watch through. Alternatively, if all this seems like a hustle that you cannot get through then see a doctor for the best guidance on how to avoid pregnancy, safe days or not. Even so, some of these measures are not 100% guarantees.


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