KRA iTax platform has made it simpler for Kenyans to manage all their tax obligations online. One can apply for a KRA PIN, file annual tax returns as well as an appeal for compliance certificate all on the Kenya iTax portal. To perform all these roles, an email address is essential. This article examines how to change KRA email so that you can have full authority over your iTax account.

Several situations warrant a change of a KRA email address. Maybe the primary email address that you enrolled with got compromised, or you forgot the KRA email address used when signing up, or the email used applies to a company where you no longer work at. Whatever your reasons for this are, the good news is that you can change your email address on the KRA portal and here is how to do it.

How to change your KRA email address

A taxpayer can initiate the process of changing their KRA pin email on their profile under the registration tab. Please note that as per to KRA rules and regulations, once the process is started, it requires an endorsement by a KRA officer.

1. Signing in

Visit the Kenya KRA iTax platform, and you will be prompted to log in by entering your KRA PIN and password.
Also, answer the security stamp and continue.

2. Email verification

After a prosperous login, a tab will pop up to prompt you to confirm your email address before reaching other services on the iTax dashboard. A one-time password (OTP) password will be delivered to your email address. (Remember that the OTP is time sensitive and expires in just 15 minutes).
Enter the unique code sent to your email on the space on the pop-up window and tapped the submit button.

3. Amend PIN details

Go to the menu and just below the registration icon tap on the Amend PIN Details selection.
This will open the re-amendment of the registration form. You will see that some of the tabs like Applicant Type, PIN and Name will be auto-filled.

4. Amendment type

In the mode of amendment click on the online form.
After that amendment form opens, put a checkmark on the PIN slot to view all the sections to be edited.
A list of all changeable fields will open and here you will need to checkmark the essential information part.

5. Editing basic information

While you are still on the Basic Information tab scroll onwards and tap on the Principal Contact details and type in the new KRA email address that you wish to use.
After you finish, scroll downwards and tap on the submit icon.
You shall receive a prompt notifying you that you have entered a new KRA pin email as the primary email address on iTax. Approve the process by clicking on the OK button.

6. Amendment successful

Finally, you will get a message verifying that the change email address on KRA iTax procedure has been successfully finalised.

Amendment successful

After doing all this, wait for your request to be confirmed by a KRA representative. An email will be sent to you validating the email address and allowing you to download an attributed PIN certificate with the updated email address.
Alternatively, you can just send your KRA pin, a coloured scanned copy of your original Kenyan national identity card, and valid email address to

We hope that this comprehensive article has shed light on how to change KRA email for a smooth iTax activity.


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