How to check NHIF account status online

In my business class, many subjects were taught some practical in real life others not so much. Nevertheless, there is one thing that stuck to my head, and this is precautionary spending. Life is full of so many scepticisms, the risk of loss and risks that are bound. Sadly all these occur when we least expect. Since man cannot perpetually go for fundraisers for solace one should be prepared in case of any unforeseen incident. NHIF is one of those precautionary steps that can be put in place. However, do you know how to check

Before we get into the method, allow me to tell you what NHIF means. NHIF simply stands for the National Hospital Insurance Fund. It is a Kenya government parastatal founded back in the year 1966. It was to offer medical coverage to Kenyan citizen at a little premium – NHIF payment as the government was interested in advancing health care.

How does NHIF work?

National Hospital Insurance Fund,NHIF, is a pool managed by the government where citizen makes monthly NHIF payments or contributions. This money is much safeguarded such that when an unplanned event happens to member money is issued to help them handle the situation and bounce back to normalcy. This pool has succeeded to pull together Kenyan of all walks of life and situation, hence maintaining the fund in terms of disbursement and receiving money is safe from falling; besides the government is the overall watchdog.

There are specific operative measures put in place to ensure the fund benefits all without misuse. For example, the fund limits the number of hospital visits one can make in a year and still have their bill covered. Other than these the state parastatals check the eligibility of cover; the scheme can cover not all members. Allow me to expound since I have paused a hard nut there. If a member, for instance, is not regular in making NHIF payments, or for some time has lapsed such is not eligible to cover. Additional reasons for not being qualified are misrepresentation, false identity, and faulty details.How to check NHIF account status online

Administration of covering is one of the reasons NHIF services are in high demand and very popular. This is because they do not only provide medical cover to individuals alone but also covers dependents or family members. For example, a man may have a cover that would meet the medical bills of the children and wife so long as the system identifies them as dependants. The only surety to profit from this scheme is to check the NHIF account status online frequently. Allow me to quickly highlight the ethics under which NHIF operates under before I teach you the profession of how to check NHIF account status online.

Operative principles of NHIF

The National Hospital Insurance Fund, NHIF, has a visionary aim to be a world class social health insurer. This is going to be done if they follow the path – mission, which is to provide quality, sustainable, accessible, affordable and equitable social health insurance to all stakeholders who are the members through effective resource use. Since its statute, NHIF has been on the forefront of lobbying and championing for support in order to offer quality health care services to the people without having to clash the necessities of the people and the administration of the NHIF.

There are leading values to which it operates from:

  • Honesty value – all NHIF staff should be honest in all their efforts as they perform their duties which should be executed in good faith with the interest of the people at heart.
  • Integrity value– this is all about upholding due diligence; hardworking trustworthy. Honesty can be divided into two; corporate and individual integrity, how so the two should be practised in all operation of NHIF and advancement of its services.
  • Accountability value – the parastatal is responsible to the public for any action they do, any activity they join in and any form of decision that is made.
  • Professionalism – on the grounds of personality integrity; all staff members and other stakeholders should be objective, impartial, competent, and work ethically for the growth of themselves corporately and individually with no ill intent.
  • Commitment – there should be a dedication to pull together that is inherent and not coerced so that it is productive. All energies should be channelled towards the services provided for optimal resource utilisation. This is a replica cements public confidence.

How to check your NHIF account status online

In the modern past, mainstream media has been telling about the different reviews and changes that are taking place within the Kenya National Hospital Insurance Fund, NHIF. This is in an effort to better health care and even diversify and expand the scope of coverage. Sadly so, the NHIF Payment options have been spread out and members have to dig a little deep into their pockets. Addressing it from a sober angle how then can the wide scope of health services be covered if not in the periodic premiums. Well, this just illustrates the skyrocketing cost of health care in Kenya now.

One of the primary innovations that the National Hospital Insurance Fund has experienced is the upgrade of the system. Thanks to current technology, service delivery has become more efficient, quick and instant. System automation is probably one of the best discoveries in the world of technology; there is no need to walk into your next NHIF branch to have your account details checked. From the convenience of your home or location, one can seamlessly find their NHIF Account state online.

There are three different ways on how to check your NHIF account situation. One is the regular walking into the branch and has the attendant go through your account and give you the details. This is certainly outdated and a primitive style if I may say. The other two ways are what I would like to outline how to go about them.

1. How to check your NHIF account status online via the web

Apparently, all organisations or institutions regardless of whether they are government-owned or privately held have a website where they usually post their services among other things for the world to understand. This forms the significance why the site is doing much service to companies; they can be seen by many, shared and this broadens the market base through awareness creation. The Internet is an important tool in the success of modern day businesses.

Likewise, the National Hospital Insurance Fund had adopted the use of technology from whence data about their services and operations, terms and conditions can be located. Here is the step by step review of how to check NHIF account status online:

  • With your internet-enabled device, get to the NHIF official website:
  • There is a self-service portal for you to sign up to gain entrance
  • If you are visiting this site for your first time, you need first to register to receive the services.
  • There are three predominant requirements; a valid email address, the NHIF card numbers, and a day working phone number in the event they would like to reach up to you for queries or other reasons.
  • This follows numerous prompts to fill up other personal details which should be dully filled before saving or submitting.
  • Create a password that you will use every time you log onto the portal, and this should be simple to remember yet not so simple.
  • Nonetheless, it can be reset in case you have totally forgotten your password for the NHIF account status online enquiry.
  • Technically, this is how you create an NHIF self-service individual account.
  • Now, log onto the NHIF self-service portal and proceed on to get your NHIF account status online.
  • Information about how you make the balance, monthly NHIF payment, anytime one has defaulted, activation period among other details.
  • For the security of your bio, log out from your device after you are done checking the NHIF account state online Kenya.

2. How to check your NHIF account status online with the mobile phone

Mobile phones are one of the electronic devices that have a central position in life if human beings. Be it communication, checking utility bills online, payment of utility bills, online interaction among other things the phone does all that work seamlessly. The book is that all this is done at a relatively low cost which makes mobile phone services affordable, accessible, sustainable and convenient. This is just what the market was really hungry for or stripped of before technology brought in the relief.

One of the many services that a mobile phone can do which is my centre of focus for today is how to check your NHIF account status online via a portable electronic device. It is an absolute and almost impromptu service so long as all the details are entered right. Having your NHIF account contribution status via your phone is straightforward. Here is how to go about it;

  • Go to the main phone menu on your mobile device and select the message icon by clicking if using an android phone or just click on the image for QWERTY based phones.
  • This opens the message inbox, at the top there is a compose prompt, click on it.
  • At the message space, type ID, an area followed by the correct ID number or the Passport number if applicable. For instance, ID 123456 sent to the NHIF number which gets and processed details for you.
  • This message should be sent to this number 21101 which is an NHIF recipient.
  • Information concerning your NHIF account status will be processed and send back to you through a text message.

This is the easiest way to monitor the NHIF account status.

The use of mobile phone in checking your NHIF account status is highly responsible and will give you result simply like if you had been logged online on your self-service portal. You, therefore, need not to shy away from using it. However, a service charge of Kshs. 10 applies.

How do you see your NHIF statement online?

With the heightened sensitisation of the need to have the NHIF membership and the benefits thereof, people have become more careful of their account. More often they want to review if it complies with the terms so that there is no late repayment which draws penalties among other things that may affect you from getting need when the time is hereabouts.

The question of how do I get my NIHF statement online is hence valid. In fact, it is one of the most frequently asked questions. After you have logged into your personal account as I had outlined in How to check your NHIF account status online above. Head quickly to the payment options there you will be able to make your payment following which all the reports and mini-statements regarding your monthly payment history can be found. It is as easy as that!

NHIF penalties for late payments Kenya

As affirmed earlier, the National Hospital Insurance Fund works under laid down guidelines, terms and conditions. These define how the fund is run to ensure it does not fall and the members get the needed relief in moments of need without much hassle.

The chief qualification consideration is the NHIF payment records. So the more up-to-date and consistent you make the NHIF reimbursements the faster you are. It a specific occurrence that requires this medical cover happens then the cap will bail you out. Inconsistency will render you into problems. Nevertheless, this state parastatal recognises that one can fail to pay the monthly contribution for reasons surpassing their control yet they desperately the fund. NHIF fines for late payments Kenya then applies.

The NHIF penalties for late payment Kenya is applied in two varied ways; for those in the formal and informal divisions, treatment is done separately. If you are in the legal employment and fail to pay timely, then the penalty you pull equals the amount you are supposed to contribute. This means you will pay double the amount. If in an informal employment, a 50% charge will have been drawn following late payment. If you contribute kshs. 500 monthly to the NHIF, the new payment means you will pay ksh. 750.

All the monthly contributions should be made on or before the 9th of each month. NHIF payment made after this date is deemed late payment and attracts some penalties. So how does one make their each month NHIF contribution?

NHIF payment

There is a different NHIF payment option, but the underlying factor is that money goes to the same pool which is the Kenya National Hospital Insurance Fund. Initially, one can access the official pay online portal and make their payments. It is pretty simple to use because it gives you leads on what to do till the money is obtained and an acknowledgement report is sent to you. This is one of the quickest payment modes.

Secondly, a bank standing order may be effected to have funds channelled from the personal account to your NHIF account monthly on command without any failure so long as the account has some funds. This is when the employer doesn’t pay the dividends although ordinarily it is deducted directly from the payslip by the employer. It is very common among those in the formal employment whose earnings comes through the banks. They execute a standing order to relieve them from late payment or even forgetting to make the payment. Nevertheless, if you are in the informal sector but have a stable bank account, this process can also work fine for you – NHIF payment.

Lastly, NHIF payment can be made via the use of mobile money transfer service; M-Pesa. Money is packed to the individual Safaricom mobile phone number, and money is then transferred to the National Hospital Insurance Fund, NHIF, through the NHIF M-Pesa pay bill number that is 200222. Here is the procedure:

  • Go to M-Pesa menu and pick the pay bill option
  • Enter the NHIF m-pesa pay bill number, ie 200222
  • Enter your ID Card number in the subsequent lead
  • Key in the correct amount – NHIF payment monthly contribution
  • Enter them-pesa pin and send

A confirmation message is then sent and yet another message confirming that the money is received.
The National Hospital Insurance Fund, NHIF, is an assurance that your medical bill will be covered should you are the dependant falls so sick. When a relative is ill, it is a very trying time, and the stress from economics is the very last thing you want to hear about; NHIF payment is the harmless solace. Besides is it cover a broad spectrum of medical events such as Inpatient & outpatient services, maternal care, surgical procedures, reproductive health services, emergency road evacuation services, renal dialysis, and cancer treatment among much other coverage a single NHIF cover policy has. Of interest is that all these super services are granted to all members regardless of age according to the 2018 review. This was not there conventionally; age certainly mattered when giving these policies and usually paid higher rates.

These are the 2019 NHIF rates that we enacted in the year 2018 and are still applicable today:

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