How to Check Water Bill Via SMS and online

Predicting your water charge statement to be conveyed to you through the postal office isn’t by and large convenience. Now and again, the package may arrive way after scheduled dates which causes late instalments and maybe disengagements that cost a great deal. In any case, how do you request for water bill from Nairobi water? There are several ways customers can check their water charges quickly, and In this post, we explore the different methodologies on how to observe water bill Kenya at your comfort.

Customers can pay their water charges in two courses; within Mpesa or on the web. For how to pay your water bill via Mpesa, consumers will utilise their Nairobi water Mpesa pay bill No. to send the cash to them. They will then get a prompt message recognising the instalment. Alternatively, then again they can pay on the web and enrol for the Nairobi water bill statement e-notifications.

How to Check Water Bill Via SMS and online
How to Check Your Nairobi Water Bill

Innovation has made it less stressful for a Kenyan to check his/her water charge on the web or through an SMS. The Nairobi water organisation is in command of giving water to Nairobi residents and its rural areas. Right now the city has close to 4 million Kenyans which makes the water supply a hurdle. In any case, the organisation is striving to make sure that it serves everybody productively and equitably.

To check your water bill balance, Nairobi water online is more valuable to the customers and the organisation. Essentially, enter the metered water Account number on the water association’s online balance page and click on the Submit button.

Option 1. How to check water bill balance online method

“How do I check my water bill while in Nairobi ?” Asking a related inquiry? It’s simple.

For an online request, a consumer has to have a current client account or make another on the organisation’s official web page. Go to the JamboPay Nairobi water official site, enter the water meter Account. No. and submit. In spite of the way that the operation could take some time, you should make your bill over the long haul.

Alternatively, then again

  • Register a free account
  • Sign in to that account
  • Fill in your Account. No. further, snap Submit. You would now have the ability to check your bill on their site.

The online system has more benefits than merely asking and checking. Notwithstanding checking your charge through your Acc. You could, in like manner, register complaints, check stream water charges, find the adjacent pay point to you and stimulate your purposes of intrigue online in case you switch your residence.

Nairobi Water Company Contacts

The company /are found at Kampala Road, off Enterprise Road, Nairobi. Phone: 020 3988598, 020 3988000

Alternatively, reach them via their known postal address, P.O.BOX 30656-00100 Nairobi Kenya. Twitter: Nairobi Water

Option 2. How to easily Check Nairobi Water Bill Via SMS

While you can make water charge request through the web quickly, you could similarly view it utilising an SMS. Send the meter Account. No. to the No. 20557.

The company provides reasonable and sensible treated water, helps all through the City and its suburbs. They employ the Nairobi water bill calculator to estimate everybody’s bill as per the measure of water one has utilised.

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