How to check your HELB loan balance

Helb loan balance can be checked via SMS by sending an SMS to the number 5122 or you can check your balance online through login into your HELB portal using your email address and password.

As a former undergraduate or a current student that’s taken up a helb loan, you might be caught in a position where you need to check your HELB loan balance. After college or university, some people typically want to clean their helb loans, and you can’t clear something you do not know. As we all recognize, the loans grow in interest every month or each year. So, if you need to know how to check your HELB loan balance, ensure to read this article. It will give you an easy step-by-step guideline on how to check the total amount you have to repay or see if you can pause on the credits for a while if you are still in college.

How to check your HELB loan balance via SMS method

The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) has come up with a new way of making queries about HELB loans. The use of the growing internet will be somehow rejected by some people who find it better. This new system that has been brought around involves the use of your messaging app on your cellphone to check the current balance of your HELB loans. This has become so useful for former or current undergraduates who do not have access to the internet or to the students who don’t have smartphones at the moment.

How to check your HELB loan balance

The new process by HELB loan co-operation involves a person simply have to come up with a new word in the messaging platform, which matches or relates to the keyword that has been used to ask you a question. The process of checking it with your phone is shown below.

Here are the steps:

  • The new word will be followed by a hashtag (#).
  • A person is required to enter their ID number after the hashtag.
  • Lastly, send the message to 5122.

Note that the recorded message should be systematic, for instance, for a student who wants to find out about his or her helb loan, the student will type in “BALUG’ and then type hashtag (#) and eventually type the ID number, that is “BALUG#ID no” and send this to the number 5122. This method of how to confirm your HELB loan balance is particularly relevant to those students who chose to register their HELB loans on the site’s database, using the corresponding phone number which they are confirming their helb balance with. If the phone number you are presently using to check the HELB loan balance is not listed, you are expected to register it by sending a message using the following information, “REGISTER#ID No,” and send the message to number 5122.

How to check your HELB loan balance through the internet

Before the discovery of the SMS method of checking balances regarding your HELB loan, every student be it former or current student, used the internet to check their HELB loan balance online quickly. That may look like an old way, but it is not. The internet is called a sense of technology, makes it more acceptable to say that it’s an upgrade. This process of checking your HELB loan repayment balance is nevertheless tiresome as some may call it because it involves many steps to be taken to finalize checking the balance. Here are the necessities for checking your HELB loan balance.

  • Well, the first one and undeniable is access to the internet(fast connection). This process can’t be tried without the use of the internet.
  • The method can only be used if the person who is checking for the HELB loan balance applied for a HELB loan because any random person can’t check your HELB loan balance except when you give them your sign in details.

The simple steps which are to be followed when checking the HELB Kenya loan balance are described below;

  • Visit the HEBL site by login in to theHELB Portal on this site.
  • Click straight on the Account Log in the handle and begin to write your email address then followed by the password that you used to register your HELB Loan.
  • If you have forgotten your helb password, which happens to most people in Kenya, click on the “forgotten password?“ button and type in your email address. Afterward, click the reset button to reset your login password and set a new password that will be simpler to remember.
  • Once you have logged in to your helb account, click on the Loan Reports option and click Disbursement. At this spot, the HELB loan site will be able to show you all the info you needed to know about your current HELB loan outstanding balance.

As a former student having completed your higher studies, this is a step on getting to know how much you are expected to start paying. We all know that the more you linger around with the HELB loan, the higher the increase in interest you are expected to pay the Higher Education Loans Board. If you are clever enough, you’ll begin paying it earlier as soon as you get the opportunity of acquiring a job. This becomes even easier as payment of the loan will be under a brief period because the helb loan wouldn’t have gone so far on interest.

HELB Loan repayment status

You may have stayed and thought about repaying your HELB loan earlier or even later in the prospect, after knowing the HELB loan balance analysis. If so, you’ll want to get the HELB loan repayment status to understand the full amount that you are expected to pay the Higher Education Loans Board. The following steps will guide you on how to check your HELB repayment status.

  • Log in to your HELB online Portal account by entering your email address and your password.
  • When you are in the portal, click on the Loan Reports option.
  • Afterward, click on the option on Loan Statements. Here You will be able to view your HELB loan repayment status and the full loan balance you are expected to pay.
  • If you want to have a copy of the report in hard copy, print it out while still logged on to the site.

HELB Loan contacts

You may get yourself in a situation where you ask yourself this, “how do I know my HELB loan balance?” and you yearn to acquire more information about it, to get to know about the loan repayment status, or simply to want to make an inquiry. If so, then you will need the HELB loan contacts so as not to be in a fix. Their contacts and address are shown below;

Head office

University way, Anniversary Towers 19th floor

P.O BOX 69489-00400

Nairobi, Kenya

Contact phone number – +254711-052-000

Email address:

SMS number 21112


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