People hired by the government in either the state or county level have in the yesterday had to deal with a long and tedious process on matters of human resources. This grew alarming following the ever-growing labour force that somehow had run out of hands. Innovation and Technology, nevertheless, has only been the best thing corporates are embracing.

That has brought comfort and effectiveness in handling things or people with a broader scope. Following this matter, the Government of Kenya has produced an online portal where such assistance can be granted. This method is known as Government Human Resource Information System usually known as GHRIS.

GHRIS Registration Online Requirements 2019

Utilise the form to register in the GHRIS online system. The data will be validated against your account in the Ministry/Department. In case of differences, contact the HRM Unit in your Ministry/Department.

  • Personal Number
  • Other Names
  • National ID Card Number
  • Surname
  • First Name
  • Mobile Number
  • Date of Birth – e.g. 20-03-1980
  • Gender – Male / Female
  • Date of First Appointment – e.g. 26-07-1988
  • Terms of Service
  • Personal Email
  • Create your Password
  • Confirm your Password

How to do registration and Download Payslips from GHRIS site


  1. Go to the Government Human Resource Information System gateway by following the link here at
  2. You will get prompts like; register forgot the password and log in here. So Click on the registration if you are a fresh member and log in if you are a registered member.
  3. Dully Fill up an employee registration form with personal features regarding the national number, KRA PIN, mobile number, official names, date of birth, gender, and work details such as date of appointment and terms of service.
  4. The particular government agency receives this information, ministry or department. The individual employer addresses grievances and disparities. If any issue arises, then, GHRIS payslip download Kenya will be at your service.

How to Download My Payslip from GHRIS? Full guide

GHRIS Online Payslip Download 2019

  1. Go to the official payslip download portal.
  2. Now Enter your User ID and the unique password you used during registration to log in.
  3. In case you have misremembered the password click at *Forget Password to reset and get a different password (you will need access to your email or your phone number to confirm your identity).
  4. All job data regarding the person in inquiry pops up and enables you to view everything. You can then proceed to download payslip from GHRIS.

It is as simple as that, in a few clicks you possess GHRIS payslips download does all the hard work for you. This less convenient and procedural can be remotely accessed so long as there is web connectivity.

This is one of the most transparent of them all, fast and reliable means of getting original pay slips human resource officers assigned to the Government of Kenya have offered. It is an in-house technology that mixes in well with both the systems of the day and those to come such as IRMIS, IPPD, IFMIS, G-pay among other all of which work collaboratively to guarantee quality and efficient service delivery.

The beneficiaries of GHRIS my payslip download incorporate all civil servants in both national government and county governments. These combine; teachers, military officers, county employees, medical professionals, administration officers among other state employees. The good thing about this online system is that it is safe from invasion or vulnerabilities and therefore works through an adequate privacy policy with clear terms of use.

The present users of GHRIS payslips downloads online reach a total of 219,286. The approved website offering their advanced services are Furthermore, the questions and matters can be well addressed within

Capturing & Updating Employee’s Personal Details

Upon the prosperous change of the password, you will be taken back to the ghris login screen and use the following measures to capture and update your details:

Note that: After you have completed editing one menu. click on the Save button to proceed on to the next item

  1. Click on the Basics Detail Tab and continue to fill in all those dialogue boxes that have not stayed filled in by the HRM system.
  2. Aside from your KRA PIN and Birth Certificate Number, any details that you do not have filled in as N/A.
  3. Click on the Current duties Tab and fill in all the details here, on the current duties dialogue box, declare your responsibilities in paragraph form
  4. Give all the Certificates you have, fill in your level of education, the examining body, duration of education, country of study, date enrolled there, year of graduation and most importantly, your certificate number.
  5. Define the jobs you did previously before you entered the service or got employed in the civil service.
  6. If none, continue to enter details of your current employment.
  7. If you have ever been promoted on the job, you should know that this is a feature that should fall under a separate record category. Note that: The system auto-orders the details you input, you can key them in any order.

GHRIS Contacts

Address: Harambee House, Harambee Avenue
Nairobi, Kenya
Phone: 020 2227411
GHRIS Email:

We hope that was helpful, if you have something to add or suggest about GHRIS simply let us know, you can also take a look at IFMIS Tenders and supplier portal-IFMIS registration here.


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