How to get a lost KRA pin number

KRA Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a novel taxpayers’ identity digit required for income tax purposes. Apart from filing one’s tax returns, A KRA PIN is necessary when doing other crucial transactions as well. A lost KRA pin can be frustrating particularly when you need to complete a remarkable deal. This is true for applications that are very time sensitive, and you will not have adequate time to go back to the office or home to do a search through your pile of documents to recover the KRA pin. As a matter of truth when you check online any time you Google KRA Pin, one of the most popular keywords on the search results comprises the following; I lost my KRA pin certificate how can I reprint, and I lost my KRA pin how can I retrieve it. Luckily for you, Kenya Revenue Authority discovered that it was a very popular question and therefore established different ways of recovering lost KRA pin. To do this all that you are required to have with you is your original Kenyan ID or your coloured scanned document of the ID with both sides and a stable internet connection. Want to learn more on how to retrieve your lost KRA pin? Continue reading.

KRA PIN lost; Why should you bother retrieving it?

As earlier mentioned in the article, a KRA PIN comes in handy in various circumstances with the filing of income tax being the most important reason for having it. Filing of one’s tax returns is an important exercise that every Kenyan with a KRA PIN needs to undertake, failure to which will draw fines or even jail term. Additionally, with the latest invention of the iTax platform, people no longer have to visit KRA buildings to file their returns physically and can do it at their comfort provided they have a good internet connection. You need to log in to your iTax profile via their KRA PIN as the username and a password of their choosing. In the event you have lost or forgotten your KRA iTax pin, then it becomes difficult for you to log in and present your tax returns.

In the second step, a KRA Pin is required when processing tax refund/ there are some points when a taxpayer has submitted returns that result in repayment, and one cannot do so without their KRA PIN. The tax refund could be a VAT refund or an income tax refund. Other situations requiring your KRA PIN include the processing of a tax exemption when acquiring tax clearance or assent when buying land, when taking a loan with a bank and when engaging with the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB). The main purpose that banks and HELB will ask for your KRA PIN is so that they can trace your location. Given all this info, a KRA PIN does more than just being a Personal Identification Number.

How to get a lost KRA PIN online

KRA pin number lost? Worry no more as we will give a detailed approach on how to recover a lost KRA PIN in four easy steps. The first three techniques are ways that you can recover your KRA PIN online, while the fourth one is the physical option for those who cannot do it online or prefer the traditional way.

1. How to retrieve your lost KRA PIN number: Using Facebook

Facebook is one of the most prominent social media pages where one can be supported to recover your lost KRA PIN number. Visit the official Facebook’s KRA page to begin. You need to write to the team and explain that you have forgotten or lost your KRA PIN and need to retrieve it. You will then be directed to send the scanned photocopy of your national identity card to their private inbox, and in a matter of minutes or hours, they shall answer with the lost KRA PIN Kenya.

2. How to retrieve a lost KRA pin: Using Twitter

Twitter is an additional platform that will guarantee a quick response when you need an instant KRA lost pin replacement or when querying how to retrieve forgotten KRA PIN. Just like in the case of Facebook above, you must tweet the KRA official handle @KRACare and explain your inquiry. You can tweet something like for instance; @KRACare Lost my KRA PIN number, please help me retrieve it. Just like on Facebook that we have discussed, you must send the picture of your coloured Kenyan ID card to their direct message so that one of their consumer service agents can help you in less than an hours’ time.

3. How to replace a lost KRA pin; Email option

How can I recover my lost KRA Pin yet facebook and twitter is not my thing? Well, you might not be active on Twitter or Facebook, but you have an active email address that you can use to email KRA administrator email address which is Write a short email requesting them to assist in retrieving your lost KRA Pin and do not forget to connect a copy of both sides of your coloured Kenyan ID document. Kindly note that of all the three ways of lost KRA pin retrieval, the email option will take much more time as compared to Twitter or Facebook methods. The first two methods using Twitter and Facebook are the most effective approaches on how to find your lost KRA pin they because the platforms are time conscious. Moreover, with the power of social media, KRA will not want to manage complaints that will taint their image.

4. How to get your lost KRA pin; Physical Option

The last but not least option that you can use to get back a forgotten KRA Pin is the old style way of visiting any KRA office or Huduma centre near you with your Kenyan Original National ID and request for their assistance.

Lost my KRA Pin Certificate

Remember when you enrolled for your KRA PIN sometime back you were given a KRA PIN certificate? It was sent to your email address, and you apparently printed it. A KRA Pin Certificate is that record that has all your details including KRA PIN Number occupational, your name, details as well as your address details. Another common keyword search regarding KRA PIN includes I have lost my KRA PIN certificate. This is because you can mix it or forget, yet at times one might be needed to attach the paper with an application as compared to just writing down your KRA PIN number. So what can you do in such a situation?

Reprinting your lost KRA Pin certificate is very simple if you have the KRA PIN number itself. Here are simple steps you can follow.

Visit the iTax platform

Then login to the portal using the KRA PIN as the username and enter your password. Follow steps 1 – 4 in the image shown below.

Reprinting KRA PIN certificate

Click on KRA registration icon from the red menu bar and then select Reprint Pin Certificate option as shown in the given image below.

How to reprint KRA PIN certificate

4. You will be then redirected to fill in the Application type, here, select the Taxpayer PIN option and submit as in the image shown below. After submitting click OK button get a reprint of the KRA Pin Certificate and then you can download and print it.

In case you forget your KRA login password, you can click forgot password option on the portal, and new KRA login credentials will send to your email address, and you can log in then reset your password as presented in the image below.

Forgotten password

Forgotten password

To conclude on this, you don’t have to worry about misplacing or losing your KRA Pin as you can retrieve your lost KRA pin online at any time or place.



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