The East Africa Tourist Visa is a solitary section visa for outsiders visiting Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda all the while.

It is multi-section inside the three nations; in any case, this lapses consequently if an explorer goes outside of the three (3) nations.

This visa is a consequence of a joint activity made by the Heads of States of the individual accomplice nations to help local the travel industry and make open doors for voyagers to investigate the assorted variety of East Africa.

A vacationer who gets the East Africa Tourist Visa must begin travel from the nation that has issued the Visa.

The most effective method to Apply for an East African Visa

It is critical that you apply for the East African Visa with the nation in which you’ll initiate your movements.

Along these lines, in the event that you land in Kenya, that is who you should apply through. You can’t make a difference through the Rwandan department and enter through Kenya.

In the event that you are entering through Kenya or Uganda, be that as it may, you’ll have to apply ahead of time at their individual offices in your nation of origin.

Critical Information about your East African Visa

The East African Visa is legitimate for 90 days from the date set apart in your international ID, this Visa can’t be expanded.

It is illicit to chip away at an East African Visa.

It is conceivable to enter or leave Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda the same number of times as you like amid the visa’s time of legitimacy.

What You Need for an East African Visa

To apply for an East African visa, you’ll need the accompanying:

An international ID with no less than a half year legitimacy;

$100 USD charge;

One standard estimated international ID photograph;

A finished application structure

A letter of visa application

The most effective method to apply for the East Africa Visa in every nation

It’s advisable that while applying for the East African Visa you apply with the nation you will begin your movement.

Kenya Online Visa

For those starting their outing in Kenya. Discover data on the visa application process on the consular segment of your neighbourhood Kenya international safe haven’s

Uganda Online Visa

For those starting their trek in Uganda visit for more data.

Rwanda Online Visa

For those starting their movement in Rwanda will be the site to visit. Under “Sort of Visa” select “East Africa Tourist Visa.” For more data contact your neighbourhood Rwanda consulate.


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