With Safaricom’s newly introduced ‘Reverse Call’ feature, users of the network can make free calls to other Safaricom lines without any amount of airtime, that’s right. The feature enables a Safaricom subscriber without any credit balance to transfer the cost of a call to the receiver, creepy, is it?. The ‘Reverse Call’ feature compliments and is just similar to the former “Please Call Me” service which allows a customer to send a max of five free messages to other telecom customers requesting for a callback. The new ‘Reverse Call’ service is exclusively available for on-net calls and will not be applicable whatsoever for off-net, roaming and also international calls. Similarly, for the service to work, the person who is receiving the call must have enough airtime on their line.

How to call without airtime on Safaricom network (Free Safaricom call)

To use the new ‘Reverse Call’ feature by Safaricom, follow these simple steps.

  • From your phone dialer platform, add hash ‘#’ before the number which you want to call.
  • For example, for you to transfer the cost of the call to 0712345678, a customer will dial #0712345678
  • The person that is receiving the call will see the caller’s details like phone number as usual.
  • When they pick the call, they will initially hear a voice prompt informing them that they will be charged for the call at the standard call rates
  • They will be directed to key in “1” to allow the reverse call or “2” to decline it.
  • The cost of the “free” call will be equivalent to the receiver’s regular cost call



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