How to register and run a football Club in Kenya
How to register and run a football Club in Kenya

What are the steps for registering a football club in Kenya?

It’s the dream of every musician to nourish young talents. To do this, they have an obligation register a football club. The process of recording a football club is under the Ministry of Sports, Culture and the Arts.

Sports Registrar is the one accountable for receiving your registration documents. The registrar of sports performs the following functions:

Instituted under the Sports Act 2013 to register and monitor Sports Organizations. Its services are:

  • Registration and regulation of sports organisations and multi-sport bodies.
  • Licensing of acknowledged sports and professional sportspersons.
  • Arbitration of registration disputes between sports organisations.

iii. Keep and sustain a register of registered sports organisations and such other particulars (linking to the registered organisers).

Provides licenses for professional sports.
The first action to take when you want your club to be registered is to present the required documents to the ministry. Materials needed include:

  • Name of the club
  • Names, addresses and designation of all officials. (Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary)
  • The physical address of the football club. (plot number, road, town, county)
  • Objectives of the club.
  • PIN, ID, Passport photo of the officials.

Once you give the documents and the information needed, you will be given a form to fill, which will remain with the ministry. After that, you will be issued with a certificate of registration.

Before we conclude, we would like to reveal the benefits of having a registered football club.

As the club owner, if your club succeeds to join the Kenya Premier League (KPL), you will benefit immensely from club sponsoring funds, gate collections and sale of players. Considering a player is acquired by Manchester United, and it chances that he is worth Ksh 1 billion. You will receive 40 % of this money. Apart from earning from gate collections and sale of players, you will likewise earn when your club wins a trophy, and in case you choose to sell the club.

As a footballer, before you retire, make sure you register a football club. Also read List of Football Clubs in Kenya And Their Stadiums.


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