How to Renew your Driving License Online in Kenya

Our country Kenya has seen significant improvements in Government service delivery, thanks to the excellent internet access. In case you are wondering on how it can be possible to Access the eCitizen Kenya Driving License renewal portal to Renew Your Kenya Driving License on eCitizen. Don’t worry any longer, you are in the right place as always.

You can now Renew your Driving License Online in Kenya from the convenience of your office, cyber cafe or living room, then pay using Mpesa or credit card and next print and then attach it to your old driving license book.

How to easily Renew your Driving License Online In Kenya

NTSA over eCitizen website enables you to do the following services online:

  • Renew your Driving license for One or Three years
  • Make duplicate Driving Licenses for old ones
  • Correct the information on your driving license
  • apply for a provisional driving license
  • Apply for an Interim Driving license
  • Driving Class Endorsement (Class J or A only)

These can be done from the very comfort of your home or office using your smartphone or computer. A small fee is needed for the above processes and is either paid via Mpesa, Debit and credit cards.

For eCitizen Kenya driving license renewal in Kenya, you will pay Ks 600, for one Year and Ks 1,400 for three years. NTSA will charge Ks 50 As convenience fee.

eCitizen Kenya Driving License Renewal

You must create an eCitizen account in order for you to access these services, all you require for your e-citizen account is a passport-sized photo, an email account, ID number, and finally your phone number to activate.

Easy Steps to renew the driving license online

  1. Visit the official eCitizen website and login or create an account if you don’t have one yet. See details for creating on here
  2. After creating your Ecitizen account, check your email to activate the account you just created, then log in using your email address or ID Number.
  3. Click on “Get Service” Button just Under NTSA, then on “Make Application” Button on the next available screen
  4. Click the + symbol adjacent to Driving License and choose either “One Year Driving License Renewal” or “Three Years Driving License Renewal“.
  5. The next window will be a verification window with more information, and you are given an alternative to pick the other time frame for the license application.
  6. Click the apply now button, and your Driving License information will be automatically given for you to affirm If they are OK, you can go forward and make the full payment.
  7. If not, then you can use the given numbers to get support. +254 20 6632 300 or +254 709 932 300 within working hours for any assistance required.
  8. Pick your preferred mode of payment and follow the steps given to complete your transaction.

Once done with that, download and print your Renewal slip, cut it carefully and stick it to your Driving license book.
Phew! It wasn’t easy, was it? You are now free again to drive in Kenya with your renewed driving license. I just love staying in Kenya at this time. Remember Traffic Police officers usually use a mobile phone to confirm the validity of your License


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