How to reverse Mpesa wrong number transaction or paybill

How can I reverse a wrong M-Pesa transaction or recover money after sending to a wrong number? This is one issue that several people ask, considering M-Pesa is the most commonly used method of transferring money in Kenya currently. We all make many mistakes here and there, and illegal Mpesa transactions isn’t an exception. The most frequent M Pesa mistakes involve sending money to the wrong subscriber, using keying in the incorrect pay bill number, or buying airtime when you were supposed to withdraw. If you have made any of these errors, then don’t worry. We have the proper solutions for all these.

How to reverse Mpesa transaction

In October 2017, Safaricom launched an efficient way in which you can reverse money sent to the wrong number. This process is as straightforward as sending an SMS, and it has made it much easier and quicker to obtain money immediately after an inaccurate transaction. Even though this process may still be in its trial stages awaiting to be fully activated after everything has been put in position, it is necessary that you understand how you can reverse wrong transactions via SMS.How to reverse Mpesa wrong number transaction or paybill

Now, you’ve just sent cash to the wrong number, and you are wondering how you can reverse the action in the least complicated of ways. What you will do is forward your wrong M-Pesa transaction message to the number 456 via a text message. According to Safaricom limited, the leading telecommunications company in the country, the company’s customer care unit will only take about two hours to make the necessary confirmations and reversals. This will comprise notifying both the recipient and sender of the erroneous transactions before embarking on effecting the reversal process.

Mpesa Transactions Confirmation Service

Two years before, the company came up with a confirmation service which provided Safaricom M-Pesa customers first to confirm the full name details and number of the receiver before they send the money. The period has initially been a 15-second window. However, the confirmation time has now been extra extended to 25 seconds. This has significantly decreased the chances of sending money to the wrong intended number. Furthermore, it helps you bypass the Mpesa transaction charges on wrong transactions.

If you notice that the name presented does not belong to your intended recipient, you can enter any letter or number before the 20 seconds pass. This way, you will have reversed the transaction even before it happens, and you can repeat the process over now using the correct number. The latest development is meant to decrease the workload on Safaricom M-Pesa customer care representatives. Reputably, the company processes over 500 M-Pesa transactions every second. Note that the Mpesa transaction charges will still persist and the transaction fee charged on your erroneous transaction won’t be retrieved.

How to reverse wrong Mpesa transaction if you’re an agent?

All M-Pesa agents dread the occurrence of a wrong number transaction, yet it is part of the job as an agent. Once in a while, Mpesa agents make mistakes either due to their error or that of the customer. As an M-Pesa certified agent, once you have deposited money to the wrong person, the most important thing you can have is a fast reaction. The quicker you do the follow-up and reverse the transaction, the better since some skilful individuals may be swift to withdraw the money from their M-Pesa account even though it may not be legitimately theirs.

Safaricom Hakikisha Service

The Safaricom Hakikisha Service is a novel service from Safaricom that has significantly decreased the number of wrong deposits. Below are the simple steps to follow to recover your money:

Step 1: Forward the wrong transaction number to 2530 via SMS, and a confirmation will be sent back to you in seconds.

Step 2: Reverse the transaction using shortcode 234

  • Select M-Pesa Agent Services on your phone (option number 3)
  • Choose Reversal Request (Option 1)
  • Enter the wrong Transaction ID
  • Ensure you have it ready to avoid doing the wrong transaction Note that speed is crucial when doing all these.
  • Click Send. You may not receive a response instantaneously, so you can proceed to step 3
  • Step 3: Contact Customer

Call Safaricom customer care agent immediately on 234 with the reversal request. You will be asked some questions which you should be able to answer. After this confirmation, you will be prompted by the agent on the current state of the wrong transaction and whether or not it will be likely to perform the reversal.

Reverse Lipa Na M-PESA PayBill

To reverse a Lipa Na M-PESA PayBill transaction, you have to communicate to the merchant quickly and request for the reversal of your cash. If you do not have the transaction merchant number/ID, call Safaricom help desk directory on 191 and request for the number of the merchant who operates the MPESA PayBill. The business will check the action and advice you how soon the M-PESA pay bill reversal will be done normally within two days for most companies.How to reverse Mpesa wrong number transaction or paybill

What You Need

  1. The M-PESA transaction id
  2. The time you send the money on MPESA
  3. Your official ID number
  4. Your full names

The procedure

  • There are several ways to initiate the reversal process.
  • You can:
  • Sms the word ‘reverse’ to 234 or 100
  • Then forward the transaction SMS received from M-PESA to the number 234
  • Call the numbers 234 or 100
  • Provide the transaction SMS received from M-PESA

You can also chat with Safaricom from their self-care site or twitter handle @Safaricom_Care


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