How to send please call me on Airtel Kenya

Airtel please call me

Many people always have thought that flashback requests are only possible on Safaricom but most local networks even Telkom have such an excellent service, well, you know the situation. The only difference is that Airtel flashback service or please call me differs a little from the Safaricom one. First, rather than using a shortcode, Airtel will want you to go through their USSD menu so that you can make a request. Secondly, Airtel gives 10 call-me back requests which one can use every day unlike the common five in Safaricom.

Airtel please call me code

  1. Dial *100# and then enter option six which stands for kopa and other services.
  2. When the next menu opens, enter the option 2 for the call me back
  3. Now, you’ll be advised to enter the number you would like to send the please call me to request to, and then click to send the request.
  4. You will get a message informing you that the request is being processed. Once the message is sent to the person you wanted to contact,
  5. Airtel will send you a text message telling you that the callback request has already been sent to that specified number.

We hope the other person is calling you soon, in the meanwhile you can read about How to send please call me on Telkom Kenya


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