How to send please call me on Telkom Kenya

If you use the Telkom Kenya network, you have apparently found yourself in a position where you have to make calls, but then you either have no or inadequate airtime to make a call. Fortunately, Telkom Kenya provides you with a broad range of services to cover you when you in this position including the please call me service. Telkom’s call me back request is normally done via the USSD menu, unlike Safaricom. Fortunately, it’s better to have something than nothing at all. Here is what you need to do. You can see how to send please call me in easy steps on Telkom Kenya using the method below

Sending please call me on Telkom

  1. Begin by dialling #123# OR *100# and follow by entering the option five that usually stands for Products and Services.
  2. Next option, enter the option 2, it denotes please call me
  3. In the next menu, you will be required to enter the phone number of the individual you want to send the please call me request to, and then send the request.
  4. Telkom will send you a message telling you that your request has been sent to the designated number then the receiver will get the flashback message.

Note that please call me requests in Telkom are made only to Telkom Kenya subscribers.

If you did not know how you can send please call me on Airtel or Telkom, now you can conveniently use the service and get the help you require.


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