Drop-shipping Business in Kenya

Would you want to get an online business from scratch by building a virtual store, without having to waste money on product inventory and without having to pack and send goods by mail?

Then you have arrived at the right place as we always got your back and that it is possible to accomplish what you want through a business model called Drop Shipping. With this business model, you do not need to have merchandises in stock, you can simply display the product features on your eCommerce website (Which we can develop for you, just contact us) and then forward all purchase orders directly to the suppliers, who are in care of sending your request straight to your customers.

While you as the online retailer can reduce inventory holding costs and the risk of getting attached with inventory with products that did not sell.

How Drop Shipping Works

Drop shipping is a retail fulfilment system where a store doesn’t store the products it sells in stock. Rather, when an online store sells a product, it acquires the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the consumer. As a result, the retailer never sees or handles the product.

The most significant distinction between dropshipping and the standard retail model is that the selling retailer doesn’t sell stock or own inventory. Instead, the merchant purchases inventory as needed from a third party – usually a wholesaler or manufacturer – to fulfil orders

However, before you begin, you should know 7 steps associated in creating an online drop shipping business:

Step 1 Choose to sell products with or without your own website

You can begin your business without having your own website, and you can opt for ready-made alternatives or publicise your products on sites like eBay or Amazon. If you choose to build your own online store, you can get in touch with us at any time to do it for you at reasonable costs.

Step 2. Decide on the line of products to sell

You require to decide what kind of products you want to sell in your shop. It is prudent that you choose products with which you want to work and that you previously have prior knowledge of, after all, that will inspire you to sell more. Furthermore, it is extremely advisable that you pick products that will bring you much profit margins and that will not create headaches with customers.

There are some commodities that you should avoid right away, and there are other beautiful products, which can bring you high-profit margins and almost no inconvenience.

Step 3. Find suppliers who will drop ship for you

After recognising which products you want to sell, you should look for product vendors that do drop shipping. When searching for Suppliers, there are two things you need to consider; vendor reliability and delivery time.

Always seek for quicker delivery time to ensure customer satisfaction. Besides, make sure you check the supplier performance before registering an account with them. Discussion forum and other blogs are excellent sources for you to find a few tips or comments providers.

Step 4. Register with suppliers

After finding suppliers whom you would like to work with, you must finish a registration with them. This level is typically fast and without complications.

Step 5. Advertise

Here comes the marketing of your store. There are various forms of marketing. You can opt for paid ads using assistance such as Facebook (Facebook ads) and  Google (Google Adwords). You can likewise create a fan page on Facebook and use it to generate free traffic to your site, not to forget SEO.

Another alternative may be to build a blog to write and publish articles associated to the products you sell. This is an economical way to generate traffic and highly efficient.

Step 6. Once the stock is sold, Contact the Supplier Immediately

Once your merchandise is sold, the customer will pay for it through your payment method. After confirming the purchase, you should order the same commodity from your dealer at a price that must be lower than its trading price, so you make a good profit when selling. When filling out the order with the product supplier, you put the address of your customer as the receiver so that the supplier will send the request directly to the end customer.

Step 7. After the successful sale, you must follow up the order

Just since your customer has paid you and you put your client as a receiver from your dealer, that does not indicate it is the end of the business. Since if there is a problem in sending to the client you are entirely responsible and the only one able to settle the situation.

You must follow proactively with your clients to ensure they receive their order and are happy with it. Provide your personal contact for any issues that may emerge. This is likewise a great way to sell more products since if your customers are content with your good service, they can come back to purchase from you.

Your supplier will give a tracking code for each order you make, and you can use it to monitor the progress of transportation.


By combining the drop shipping model in your online business, you can forget the problems of stock movements and journeys to the post office; your suppliers will do everything. Following the right steps to set up your drop shipping company, you can save your time and effort to make your business kickstart and grow quickly.

Moreover, now, if you want to discover how to put all these steps into practice systematically and straightforwardly, as well as meet reliable suppliers, even if you have no experience at all, I know something that can support you further. You can learn more from a professional who understands about everything about this business and will explain in a reasonable and apparently all that you should do.


  1. Quite informative.

    The only problem i am facing is how to channel the payments into Kenya once the sales are done.
    Who to approach?
    How is it done?
    what are the documentation/Formalities that need to be addressed?

    If you can share some info, that would be great.

    • Hi Hasnain,
      You can use paypal for checkout, similarly, you can use local card processors but this will require you to register a busines and pay taxes.


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