How to unsubscribe from Safaricom subscriptions
How to unsubscribe from Safaricom subscriptions

Are you searching for a fast and easy way to cancel Safaricom subscriptions that are eating away your airtime? Alternatively, maybe you are just bored and tired of their constant promotional texts that never even seem to stop. If that’s the case, then you have come to the right place. This straightforward guide on how to unsubscribe from Safaricom subscriptions will show you just how easy it can be. In only a matter of few minutes, you can be free of their ‘credit-rating’ trap and spend your credit as you see best. It is simple to check Safaricom subscriptions and remove them.

Some of the subscriptions belong to Safaricom while others are from the third-party message or USSD service providers. Whichever way, you can get rid of all the boring subscriptions you do not want on your Safaricom line easily. What you have to is follow these five simple steps:

How to deactivate your Safaricom subscriptions

These simple, easy steps will help you to stop getting Safaricom promotional messages on your cell phone. All you have to do is:

  1. If you are on their pre-paid plan, dial *100# or *200# for clients who are using their Postpaid plan.
  2. Begin From the pop-up menu that appears on your screen, click on the third option which says, “Products and Services.”
  3. Next step, type “98” to go to the next page.
  4. From Here, select the 10th option if you are on the prepaid plan. If you are on their postpaid plan, click on the 8th option. This choice should read, “Stop Safaricom Promotion SMS.”
  5. At this time you will receive a pop-up with the question- do you wish to continue getting SMS information on Safaricom offers and promotions?
  6. Select the No. 1 option for “No.”

Once you have finished these steps, you should get a pop-up notification. The pop-up notification will confirm that you will no longer receive any text messages from Safaricom on any promotions and also offers.

How to cancel all my Safaricom subscriptions for data

One can likewise easily cancel your other Safaricom data subscriptions using the free *544# USSD menu. This is an excellent solution if you want to unsubscribe from undesired subscription Safaricom such as the auto-renewed data bundle subscriptions. Here are the simple steps on how to remove Safaricom subscriptions such as daily data bundles.

  1. Dial *544#
  2. Type in 98 to go to the next screen and tap on ‘send.’
  3. Type in 12 (The option to stop auto renewal) and tap on ‘send.’

Note that this will stop auto-renewal for your data subscription implying that your current plan will not renew upon expiry. The best news is you don’t have to identify which data plan you are unsubscribing from.

Presently, there are many subscription services apart from what Safaricom gives you on their end. While it is easy to stop messages and subscriptions from well-implemented sources by sending the word STOP to the reference number, other subscriptions don’t have a sincere unsubscribe approach. This post on how to unsubscribe from Safaricom subscriptions will fix any subscriptions no matter how they are set up.

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Safaricom switches its USSD menu from time to time. Some of the options given above in the post might not be on the page or under the number we suggested in this guide. We will, though, keep this updated to ensure that it is compliant to the latest USSD menus.


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