How to withdraw money from Shabiki-step by step

Shabiki jackpot

It is necessary to know how to withdraw cash from Shabiki before you start playing After opening your Shabiki account, you will need an e-wallet that you will use to withdraw your funds. Withdrawing money from Shabiki is very simple. You only need to follow the simple procedures that we are going to give below in our how to withdraw money from Shabiki lead.

Shabiki winners have various withdrawal options
Once you have been officially declared a winner, locks onto your money till you request for a withdrawal. Withdrawing cash from Shabiki is through the web or SMS. Online withdrawal will require a wallet account. Enter the full amount of money that you want to withdraw. You will get a verification message from both the company and M-Pesa.

Withdraw money from Shabiki via SMS

You can create your Shabiki mbao account through SMS. Send W#Amount to 29063. For instance, to withdraw 500 send W#500 to 29063. You will then get a confirmation SMS message from Shabiki Kenya.

Shabiki jackpot victors can also withdraw their winnings to their M-Pesa account using the above methods. If the winnings are more than Ksh.140,000, you cannot withdraw money from Shabiki to Mpesa. The funds will be remitted to a bank account.

That is how to withdraw money from Shabiki. In case you maintain experiencing some problems you can contact us at 0703 163 163 or 0709 433 000. It would be best if you remembered that M-Pesa charges would apply during the withdrawal.


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